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  • Hotspots in Plasmodium and RBC Receptor-Ligand Interactions: Key Pieces for Inhibiting Malarial Parasite Invasion. [Review]
    Int J Mol Sci. 2020 Jul 02; 21(13)Patarroyo MA, Molina-Franky J, … Patarroyo ME
  • Protein-protein interactions (IPP) play an essential role in practically all biological processes, including those related to microorganism invasion of their host cells. It has been found that a broad repertoire of receptor-ligand interactions takes place in the binding interphase with host cells in malaria, these being vital interactions for successful parasite invasion. Several trials have been…
  • A 2,000-year-old specimen with intraerythrocytic Bartonella quintana. [Journal Article]
    Sci Rep. 2020 Jun 22; 10(1):10069.Barbieri R, Mai BH, … Drancourt M
  • Photogrammetry and cascading microscopy investigations of dental pulp specimens collected from 2,000-year-old individuals buried in a Roman necropolis in Besançon, France, revealed unprecedented preserved tissular and cellular morphology. Photogrammetry yielded 3-D images of the smallest archaeological human remains ever recovered. Optical microscopy examinations after standard haematoxylin-phlox…
  • Preclinical Evaluation of an Engineered scFv-Fc Targeting Human CD44. [Journal Article]
    J Nucl Med. 2020 Jun 08 [Online ahead of print]Diebolder P, Mpoy C, … Rogers BE
  • CONCLUSIONS: We developed a CD44-specific scFv-Fc construct that binds with nanomolar affinity to human CD44. When radiolabeled with 64Cu or 89Zr, it demonstrated specific uptake in CD44 expressing MDA-MB-231 tumors. The high tumor uptake (~56%ID/g) warrants clinical investigation of [89Zr]Zr-DFO-scFv-Fc-CD44 as a versatile PET imaging agent for patients with CD44-positive tumors.
  • Atomistic mechanism of transmembrane helix association. [Journal Article]
    PLoS Comput Biol. 2020 Jun; 16(6):e1007919.Domański J, Sansom MSP, … Best RB
  • Transmembrane helix association is a fundamental step in the folding of helical membrane proteins. The prototypical example of this association is formation of the glycophorin dimer. While its structure and stability have been well-characterized experimentally, the detailed assembly mechanism is harder to obtain. Here, we use all-atom simulations within phospholipid membrane to study glycophorin …
  • Circulating extracellular vesicles from patients with acute chest syndrome disrupt adherens junctions between endothelial cells. [Journal Article]
    Pediatr Res. 2020 May 26 [Online ahead of print]Lapping-Carr G, Gemel J, … Beyer EC
  • CONCLUSIONS: These results suggest that circulating EVs can modulate endothelial integrity contributing to the development of ACS in SCD patients by altering cadherin-containing intercellular junctions.Sickle cell disease patients have circulating extracellular vesicles (EVs) that modulate endothelial integrity by altering cadherin-containing intercellular junctions.Disruption is more severe by EVs obtained during acute chest syndrome (ACS).These results expand our knowledge of the pathophysiology of acute chest syndrome and the vasculopathies of sickle cell disease.
  • Expression of South East Asian Ovalocytic Band 3 Disrupts Erythroblast Cytokinesis and Reticulocyte Maturation. [Journal Article]
    Front Physiol. 2020; 11:357.Flatt JF, Stevens-Hernandez CJ, … Bruce LJ
  • Southeast Asian Ovalocytosis results from a heterozygous deletion of 9 amino acids in the erythrocyte anion exchange protein AE1 (band 3). The report of the first successful birth of an individual homozygous for this mutation showed an association with severe dyserythropoietic anemia. Imaging of the proband's erythrocytes revealed the presence of band 3 at their surface, a reduction in Wr(b) anti…
  • Membrane Rearrangements in the Maturation of Circulating Human Reticulocytes. [Journal Article]
    Front Physiol. 2020; 11:215.Minetti G, Bernecker C, … Ciana A
  • Red blood cells (RBCs) begin their circulatory life as reticulocytes (Retics) after their egress from the bone marrow where, as R1 Retics, they undergo significant rearrangements in their membrane and intracellular components, via autophagic, proteolytic, and vesicle-based mechanisms. Circulating, R2 Retics must complete this maturational process, which involves additional loss of significant amo…
  • Fetal inheritance of GP*Mur causing severe HDFN in an unrecognized case of maternal alloimmunization. [Case Reports]
    Transfusion. 2020 Apr; 60(4):870-874.Mallari RA, Chan A, … Denomme GA
  • CONCLUSIONS: Maternal alloimmunization to low-frequency antigens remains a challenge. Southeast Asians make up a significant percentage in some US locations. Worldwide reports on the frequency of maternal alloimmunization of the MNS system can be used to guide the use of specific reagent RBCs for testing. Such strategies rely on the identification of blood donor units for reagent manufacture and use in perinatal antibody screens.The incidence of Mia and related antibodies is significant among Southeast Asians. In North America, prenatal antibody screening cells are not routinely chosen to match this population. The clinical and societal implications are discussed.
  • Quantifying the insertion of membrane proteins into lipid bilayer nanodiscs using a fusion protein strategy. [Journal Article]
    Biochim Biophys Acta Biomembr. 2020 04 01; 1862(4):183190.Häusler E, Fredriksson K, … Hagn F
  • A membrane protein's oligomeric state modulates its functionality in various cellular processes. Since membrane proteins have to be solubilized in an appropriate membrane mimetic, the use of classical biophysical methods to analyze protein oligomers is challenging. We here present a method to determine the number of membrane proteins inserted into lipid nanodiscs. It is based on the ability to se…
  • Clinical approach after identification of a rare anti-Ena in a prenatal sample. [Case Reports]
    Immunohematology. 2019 Dec; 35(4):159-161.Howard P, Guerra L, … George MR
  • CONCLUSIONS: The antigens associated with the MNS blood group system (ISBT 002) are located on glycophorin A (GPA) and glycophorin B (GPB). The most frequently encountered antibodies to antigens in this system by a transfusion medicine service are those directed against M, N, S, and s. Individuals lacking GPA typically have red blood cells that lack M, N, and Ena, whereas those lacking both GPA and GPB lack M, N, and Ena as well as S, s, and U. Such individuals may develop a rare antibody, anti-Ena, directed against determinants on GPA. This antibody is capable of causing hemolytic transfusion reactions and hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn. This case report describes a pregnant woman found to have anti-Ena. Molecular testing supported an Mk phenotype that was found in several members of her immediate family.
  • Decreased erythrocyte binding of Siglec-9 increases neutrophil activation in sickle cell disease. [Journal Article]
    Blood Cells Mol Dis. 2020 03; 81:102399.Kiser ZM, Lizcano A, … Vercellotti GM
  • Oxidative stress and inflammation promote vaso-occlusion in sickle cell disease (SCD). CD33-related Sialic acid-binding immunoglobulin-type lectins (CD33rSiglecs) are cell surface proteins that recognize sialic acids inhibit innate immune cell functions. We have shown that Siglec-9 on human neutrophils interact with erythrocyte sialic acids (prominently glycophorin-A (GYPA) to suppress neutrophil…
  • Low-Dose Busulfan Reduces Human CD34+ Cell Doses Required for Engraftment in c-kit Mutant Immunodeficient Mice. [Journal Article]
    Mol Ther Methods Clin Dev. 2019 Dec 13; 15:430-437.Leonard A, Yapundich M, … Tisdale JF
  • Humanized animal models are central to efforts aimed at improving hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) transplantation with or without genetic modification. Human cell engraftment is feasible in immunodeficient mice; however, high HSC doses and conditioning limit broad use of xenograft models. We assessed human CD45+ chimerism after transplanting varying doses of human CD34+ HSCs (2 × 105 to 2 × 106 cel…
  • Rational Design of a Bifunctional AND-Gate Ligand To Modulate Cell-Cell Interactions. [Journal Article]
    ACS Synth Biol. 2020 02 21; 9(2):191-197.Lee J, Vernet A, … Silver PA
  • Protein "AND-gate" systems, in which a ligand acts only on cells with two different receptors, direct signaling activity to a particular cell type and avoid action on other cells. In a bifunctional AND-gate protein, the molecular geometry of the protein domains is crucial. Here we constructed a tissue-targeted erythropoietin (EPO) that stimulates red blood cell (RBC) production without triggering…
  • The effect of myeloperoxidase isoforms on biophysical properties of red blood cells. [Journal Article]
    Mol Cell Biochem. 2020 Jan; 464(1-2):119-130.Shamova EV, Gorudko IV, … Panasenko OM
  • Myeloperoxidase (MPO), an oxidant-producing enzyme, stored in azurophilic granules of neutrophils has been recently shown to influence red blood cell (RBC) deformability leading to abnormalities in blood microcirculation. Native MPO is a homodimer, consisting of two identical protomers (monomeric MPO) connected by a single disulfide bond but in inflammatory foci as a result of disulfide cleavage …
  • TMPfold: A Web Tool for Predicting Stability of Transmembrane α-Helix Association. [Journal Article]
    J Mol Biol. 2020 May 15; 432(11):3388-3394.Lomize AL, Schnitzer KA, Pogozheva ID
  • Estimating energies of transmembrane (TM) α-helix association is essential for understanding folding of membrane proteins and formation of their functional assemblies. A new physics-based method was developed and implemented in the TMPfold web server for the calculation of the free energy of TM helix association (ΔGasc) in TM α-bundles of known structure. The method was verified using the experim…
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