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30 results
  • Water molecule adsorption on protonated dipeptides. [Journal Article]
    J Am Chem Soc 2004; 126(4):1206-13Kohtani M, Breaux GA, Jarrold MF
  • Equilibrium constants for the adsorption of the first water molecule on six protonated dipeptides (Gly-Gly+H(+), Gly-Ala+H(+), Ala-Gly+H(+), Ala-Ala+H(+), Pro-Gly+H(+), and Gly-Trp+H(+)) have been measured as a function of temperature, and DeltaH(o) and DeltaS(o) determined. Density functional theory calculations were performed for both the unsolvated peptides and the peptide water complexes at t…
  • Chiral recognition of dipeptide methyl esters by an anionic beta-cyclodextrin. [Journal Article]
    Chirality 2001; 13(8):474-82Kano K, Hasegawa H, Miyamura M
  • Chiral recognition of dipeptide methyl esters by anionic heptakis[6-carboxymethylthio-6-deoxy]-beta-cyclodextrin (per-CO(2)(-)-beta-CD) was studied in D(2)O at pD 7.0 by means of (1)H NMR spectroscopy. The methyl esters of alanylalanine (Ala-Ala-OMe), alanylleucine (Ala-Leu-OMe), alanyltryptophan (Ala-Trp-OMe), glycyltryptophan (Gly-Trp-OMe), valyltryptophan (Val-Trp-OMe), leucyltryptophan (Leu-T…
  • [Effects of plant growth regulators ambiol and phonk: biolphysical aspects]. [Journal Article]
    Biofizika 2001 Jan-Feb; 46(1):34-8Voronina SS, Zhizhina GP, Lozovskaia EL
  • The antioxidative activity of two plant growth promoters, ambiol and phonk, in a model system of photo-induced glycyltriptophane oxidation was measured. It was shown that ambiol has a significant antioxidative activity, whereas phonk is a weak antioxidant. The effects of these compounds on DNA conformation were studied in vitro and in vivo (on wheat seed shoots). In vitro ambiol had a stronger ef…
  • [Photosensitization and photoprotection by some drugs, metabolites and other compounds]. [Review]
    Biofizika 1997 May-Jun; 42(3):549-57Lozovskaia EL, Makareeva EN, Makedonov IU
  • Photosensitizing and photoprotecting efficiency of about a hundred of compounds, mainly drugs, was studied. The method based on chemiluminescence occurred along with photooxidation of glycyltryptophan under irradiation in UVB range in solution was used for testing. As a measure of photosensitizing efficiency the concentration of photosensitizer which induced two-fold increase of chemiluminescence…
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