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  • Cutaneous manifestations of disseminated gonococcemia. [Case Reports]
    Dermatol Online J. 2017 Jan 15; 23(1)Beatrous SV, Grisoli SB, … Matherne RJ
  • CONCLUSIONS: Cutaneouslesions of disseminated gonococcal infection caninclude abscesses, cellulitis, petechiae, purpuricmacules, necrotizing fasciitis, and vasculitis. It isimportant for the clinician to recognize the clinicalsigns and symptoms of disseminated gonococcalinfection, particularly the various cutaneousmanifestations.
  • Gonorrhea: new challenges. [Review]
    Clin Dermatol. 2014 Mar-Apr; 32(2):275-81.Skerlev M, Čulav-Košćak I
  • As "a paradigm of the classical Venereology" for many decades, gonorrhea appears to be the second most common sexually transmitted infection of bacterial origin today. In spite of its mostly uncomplicated clinical course, gonorrhea may sometimes result with serious complications such as pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, infertility, epididymitis, gonococcemia, and disseminated gonoc…
  • Gonococcemia mimicking a lupus flare in a young woman. [Case Reports]
    Lupus. 2014; 23(1):81-3.Dutertre M, Tomasevic D, … Durieu I
  • Gonorrhea is a common sexually transmitted infection, which can present as the 'arthritis-dermatitis syndrome'. Patients with systemic lupus erythematosus often develop disseminated neisserial infections, because of inherited and acquired complement deficiencies. Neisserial infection, and particularly gonococcemia, can mimic a lupus flare. We report one case of gonococcemia presenting as acral pa…
  • [Sexually transmitted infections in France in 2009]. [Journal Article]
    Rev Prat. 2010 Apr 20; 60(4):520-5.Dupin N
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STI) or diseases (STD) are sociologic markers reflecting sexual behaviours of individuals belonging to this society. Since 2000, the evolution of STI has been characterized by the recrudescence of syphilis, the appearance of resistance of gonococcus to fluoroquinolones and the emergence of lymphogranuloma venereum. These STI are nearly exclusively observed in men …
  • Antibiotic use in sexually transmissible diseases. [Review]
    Dermatol Clin. 2009 Jan; 27(1):49-61.Rosen T, Vandergriff T, Harting M
  • Sexually transmissible diseases (STDs) remain a major health issue worldwide, with approximately 300 million new cases annually. STDs caused by bacteria can be treated with antibiotics, although the susceptibility pattern of many etiologic microbes has changed over the past few decades. Syphilis remains best managed with single-dose benzathine penicillin G. Other single-dose antibiotic regimens f…
  • Disseminated gonococcemia. [Case Reports]
    Int J Dermatol. 2003 Mar; 42(3):208-9.Mehrany K, Kist JM, … DiCaudo DJ
  • A 26-year-old woman presented with a high-grade fever and chills of 2 days' duration. She complained of associated joint pain, especially in the wrists and knees. One day before admission, tender skin lesions began to develop on the fingers, and subsequently spread to the more proximal extremities. The patient recalled having a sore throat and a nonproductive cough before the onset of the fever a…
  • Gonococcemia associated with adult respiratory distress syndrome. [Case Reports]
    Rev Infect Dis. 1991 Nov-Dec; 13(6):1105-7.Belding ME, Carbone J
  • We report a case of gonococcemia that was associated with adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). To our knowledge, this is only the third reported case of ARDS associated with gonococcemia. This is the first reported case of ARDS associated with gonococcemia that was documented by positive results of blood cultures and measurements of wedge pressure obtained by a catheter in the pulmonary ar…
  • Primary idiopathic cutaneous pustular vasculitis. [Case Reports]
    J Am Acad Dermatol. 1986 May; 14(5 Pt 2):939-44.McNeely MC, Jorizzo JL, … Cavallo T
  • Pustular cutaneous vasculitis results from a heterogeneous group of disorders characterized by pustules on purpuric bases. Although the cause of this group of conditions is diverse, the histopathologic picture of the lesions is the same, showing a Sweet's-like or leukocytoclastic vasculitis. These distinctive lesions may occur in patients with Behçet's syndrome, bowel-associated dermatosis-arthri…
  • The hereditary and acquired deficiencies of complement. [Review]
    Med Clin North Am. 1985 May; 69(3):487-504.Nusinow SR, Zuraw BL, Curd JG
  • The identification of hereditary and acquired complement deficiencies in humans has led to a better understanding of the biologic importance of the complement system in immunity and autoimmune disease. Although the understanding of the relevance of complement in the pathogenesis of disease is incomplete, several characteristic clinical syndromes associated with complement deficiencies have been r…
  • [Gonococcal arthritis]. [Journal Article]
    Rev Rhum Mal Osteoartic. 1981 Feb; 48(2):127-32.Delauche MC, Kahn MF, Ryckewaert A
  • Gonococcal arthritis, a rare complication of gonorrhoea, more frequent in women, causes polyarthritis in 75% of cases or monoarthritis. An erythematous skin rash or acute pustular rash (40%), recent signs of genital infection (75% of cases in man, less than 50% in women) suggest the diagnosis. The gonococcal nature of the arthritis is confirmed by isolation of the germ in the joint fluid, the blo…
  • Sporadic military meningococcal disease: a diversity of presentations. [Case Reports]
    South Med J. 1981 Feb; 74(2):153-6.Haburchak DR
  • Thirty-four cases of meningococcal disease were identified in a retrospective survey of nine US Army posts in the southeastern United States from June 1977 to August 1979. Group B organisms predominated in dependents and civilian communities surrounding two of the posts, while active-duty personnel had a greater variety of organisms, with groups Y and C predominating. The spectrum of clinical pre…
  • A distinctive variant of pernio. Clinical and histopathologic study of nine cases. [Journal Article]
    Arch Dermatol. 1981 Jan; 117(1):26-8.Herman EW, Kezis JS, Silvers DN
  • We describe here nine women who had similar distinctive clinical features that consisted of painful red-to-purple macules, papules, and plaques on the digits, predominantly on the toes. All patients reported that exposure to cold had preceded their symptoms. Histologic study demonstrated a lymphocytic vasculitis, characterized by lymphocytes infiltrating the walls of blood vessels in eight (88%) …
  • Gonococcal endocarditis associated with immune complex glomerulonephritis. [Case Reports]
    Am J Med. 1980 May; 68(5):793-6.Ebright JR, Komorowski R
  • A case is described in which chronic gonococcemia probably resulted in endocarditis, nephrotic syndrome and diffuse immune-complex glomerulonephritis. This is the 11th case of gonococcal endocarditis reported since 1948 and the first report with accompanying immunofluorescence and electron microscopy of the kidney. These studies revealed immune-complex nephritis to be the likely cause of the pati…
  • Adult respiratory distress syndrome and gonococcemia. [Case Reports]
    Chest. 1980 Mar; 77(3):434-6.Walters DG, Goldstein RA
  • A case of adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is described that was secondary to conococcal septicemia. The patient had severe hypoxemia and diffuse pulmonary infiltrates. The diagnosis of disseminated gonorrhea was confirmed by the isolation of Neisseria gonorrhoeae from one of several typical appearing skin lesions. The patient did not require mechanical ventilation and made a prompt rec…
  • Evaluation of a gonococcal serologic test. [Journal Article]
    Am J Clin Pathol. 1979 Feb; 71(2):184-9.Hoffman TA, Damus AJ, Sands L
  • The fluorescent gonorrhea test--heated (FGT-H), an indirect immunofluorescent method for detecting the presence of antigonococcal antibodies in serum, was evaluated in 1,000 women referred to a private clinic for the termination of pregnancy, 202 women treated at a municipal venereal disease clinic, and six women hospitalized with gonococcal bacteremia. The test was positive for 17.7% of private …
  • Gonococcemia in pregnancy. [Case Reports]
    Obstet Gynecol. 1976 Oct; 48(4):428-30.Watring WG, Vaughn DL
  • A case of gonococcemia in pregnancy in which the patient presented with the classic clinical manifestations of gonococcemia--cutaneous lesions, arthritis, and possibly pericarditis--is reported. A review of the literature reveals a dramatic increase in incidence of gonorrhea and the increasing importance of the complications associated with this disease, particularly in pregnancy. Recommendations…
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