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20,911 results
  • A guide to sample delivery systems for serial crystallography. [Review]
    FEBS J 2019Zhao FZ, Zhang B, … Yin DC
  • Crystallography has made a notable contribution to our knowledge of structural biology. For traditional crystallography experiments, the growth of crystals with large size and high quality is crucial, and it remains one of the bottlenecks. In recent years, the successful application of serial femtosecond crystallography (SFX) provides a new choice when only numerous microcrystals can be obtained.…
  • CoreNEURON : An Optimized Compute Engine for the NEURON Simulator. [Journal Article]
    Front Neuroinform 2019; 13:63Kumbhar P, Hines M, … Schürmann F
  • The NEURON simulator has been developed over the past three decades and is widely used by neuroscientists to model the electrical activity of neuronal networks. Large network simulation projects using NEURON have supercomputer allocations that individually measure in the millions of core hours. Supercomputer centers are transitioning to next generation architectures and the work accomplished per …
  • Analog Coupled Oscillator Based Weighted Ising Machine. [Journal Article]
    Sci Rep 2019; 9(1):14786Chou J, Bramhavar S, … Herzog W
  • We report on an analog computing system with coupled non-linear oscillators which is capable of solving complex combinatorial optimization problems using the weighted Ising model. The circuit is composed of a fully-connected 4-node LC oscillator network with low-cost electronic components and compatible with traditional integrated circuit technologies. We present the theoretical modeling, experim…
  • The influence of obesity and gender on outcome after reversed L-shaped osteotomy for hallux valgus. [Journal Article]
    BMC Musculoskelet Disord 2019; 20(1):450Wirth SH, Renner N, … Jentzsch T
  • CONCLUSIONS: In this study, obesity was not associated with unsatisfactory outcomes after ReveL for HV. This challenges the previous recommendation that preoperative weight loss may be necessary for a successful surgical treatment outcome. Males may be informed about potentially higher associations with unfavourable outcomes. Due to the risk of selection bias and lack of causality, findings may need to be confirmed with clinical trials.
  • Fast Depth Estimation in a Single Image Using Lightweight Efficient Neural Network. [Journal Article]
    Sensors (Basel) 2019; 19(20)Kim S, Nam J, Ko B
  • Depth estimation is a crucial and fundamental problem in the computer vision field. Conventional methods re-construct scenes using feature points extracted from multiple images; however, these approaches require multiple images and thus are not easily implemented in various real-time applications. Moreover, the special equipment required by hardware-based approaches using 3D sensors is expensive.…
  • Bit Error Rate Closed-Form Expressions for LoRa Systems under Nakagami and Rice Fading Channels. [Journal Article]
    Sensors (Basel) 2019; 19(20)Ferreira Dias C, Rodrigues de Lima E, Fraidenraich G
  • We derive exact closed-form expressions for Long Range (LoRa) bit error probability and diversity order for channels subject to Nakagami-m, Rayleigh and Rician fading. Analytical expressions are compared with numerical results, showing the accuracy of our proposed exact expressions. In the limiting case of the Nakagami and Rice parameters, our bit error probability expressions specialize into the…
  • Low-distortion diffusion tensor MRI with improved phaseless encoding. [Journal Article]
    J Magn Reson 2019; 309:106602Tian R, Hennel F, Pruessmann KP
  • Due to the motion-related instability of the signal phase, diffusion MRI is usually performed with single-shot techniques such as the echo-planar imaging (EPI), which are resolution-limited and suffer from distortions caused by resonance offsets. Multi-shot methods may improve the images but require time-consuming navigators or a trade-off of the sensitivity encoding to measure shot-dependent pha…
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