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4,413 results
  • Enhancing Student Learning in Dental Anatomy by Using Virtual Three-Dimensional Models. [Journal Article]
    J Prosthodont 2020Elgreatly A, Mahrous A
  • In order to provide restorations and dental prostheses that are esthetically pleasing, functional and in harmony with a patient's occlusion, practitioners must have a thorough knowledge of dental anatomy. Recent studies have shown that virtual three-dimensional models greatly enhance educational outcomes in dental anatomy courses. This article describes a novel educational technique and uses vide…
  • Beautiful Harmony of the Japanese Precious Healthcare Legacies for the New Imperial Era. [Journal Article]
    Circ J 2020Kaneko H, Morita H, Komuro I
  • The new Imperial era, Reiwa, started in May, 2019. After World War II, Reiwa is the third Imperial era following Showa and Heisei. In each era, we had specific healthcare problems in cardiovascular medicine and implemented preventive strategies against them. Furthermore, nationwide healthcare policies such as a universal healthcare insurance system (kaihoken) and health check-up system largely co…
  • The importance of sagittal balance in adult scoliosis surgery. [Review]
    Ann Transl Med 2020; 8(2):35Cheung JPY
  • Adult spinal deformity is an important health issue worldwide with our aging population. Understanding ideal sagittal alignment parameters is crucial for planning reconstructive surgery. Despite its variability, sagittal spinopelvic parameters are well recognized as the most crucial factor in predicting postoperative outcomes and risks of revision surgery. Thus, understanding the fundamental conc…
  • The immature spine: growth and idiopathic scoliosis. [Review]
    Ann Transl Med 2020; 8(2):22Dimeglio A, Canavese F
  • Untreated progressive scoliosis can have negative effects on the growing spine as asymmetrical forces will act on the growth plates of the vertebral column (>130 growth plates). Spinal growth can be considered as a mixture of hierarchy, synchronization, and harmony: the slightest error can lead to a complex malformation; it is also a very dynamic process although it does not progress linearly: pe…
  • The Science of Harmony: A Psychophysical Basis for Perceptual Tensions and Resolutions in Music. [Journal Article]
    Research (Wash D C) 2019; 2019:2369041Chan PY, Dong M, Li H
  • This paper attempts to establish a psychophysical basis for both stationary (tension in chord sonorities) and transitional (resolution in chord progressions) harmony. Harmony studies the phenomenon of combining notes in music to produce a pleasing effect greater than the sum of its parts. Being both aesthetic and mathematical in nature, it has baffled some of the brightest minds in physics and ma…
  • Validation of Subjective Well-Being Measures Using Item Response Theory. [Journal Article]
    Front Psychol 2019; 10:3036Nima AA, Cloninger KM, … Garcia D
  • Background: Subjective well-being refers to the extent to which a person believes or feels that her life is going well. It is considered as one of the best available proxies for a broader, more canonical form of well-being. For over 30 years, one important distinction in the conceptualization of subjective well-being is the contrast between more affective evaluations of biological emotional reac…
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