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7 results
  • [A case of acute opisthorchiasis concurrent with chronic hereditary hemolytic anemia]. [Case Reports]
    Ter Arkh. 2014; 86(11):84-6.Navrotsky AN
  • The paper analyzes the clinical and laboratory manifestations of acute Opisthorchis invasion concurrent with chronic hereditary hemolytic anemia before and after antihelminthic therapy. It gives the results of direct clinical observation of a patient in the acute phase of opisthorchiasis in the presence of Minkowsky-Shauffard disease. His examination encompassed conventional laboratory and instru…
  • Bile duct disorders. [Review]
    Clin Liver Dis. 2003 May; 7(2):295-309.Geubel AP, Sempoux C, Rahier J
  • Drug-induced bile duct injury related prolonged or chronic cholestasis is recognized as a common side effect of treatment with several drugs. The severity and duration of the clinical symptoms suggest that this increase in number of reports is not only related to clinician and pathologists being increasingly aware of the condition, but also may represent a true increase in incidence likely relate…
  • [A case of hepatocholangitis (author's transl)]. [Case Reports]
    J Chir (Paris). 1979 Jun-Jul; 116(6-7):423-6.Roux M, Debray C, Germain M
  • Inflammation localised to the hepatic duct in the region of the neck of the gallbladder is rare. Regression of the lesions after cholecystectomy authentified its purely inflammatory nature. Its interest comes from possible confusion with carcinoma of the common bile duct. A case of cholangitis with 8 years follow up illustrates these facts and permits a few comments on the pathology of the juncti…
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