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17,992,027 results
  • Fueling the Optimal Microbiome: Interventions for Severe Acute Malnutrition. [Comment]
    Cell Host Microbe 2019; 26(3):307-308Neu J
  • Studies of the intestinal microbial environment largely focus on microbial taxonomy, without clarifying their health benefits. Two recent studies (Raman et al. and Gehrig et al.) classify microbial environments into "ecogroups" that provide insight into their metabolic and/or nutritional pathways and how this can be used for interventions in malnourished children.
  • Typhoid Fever: The More We Learn, the Less We Know (Apologies, Albert Einstein). [Comment]
    Cell Host Microbe 2019; 26(3):303-306Wang N, Knodler LA, Strugnell RA
  • In this issue of Cell Host & Microbe, Karlinsey et al. (2019) combine TraDIS with humanized mice to identify genes required for early replication of Salmonella Typhi in vivo. Surprisingly, some expected virulence traits and genes appear dispensable in the replication of S. Typhi, supporting findings from a recent human challenge study by Gibani et al. (2019).
  • Complex Problems Require Ternary Solutions: Another Lesson from SIV Nef. [Comment]
    Cell Host Microbe 2019; 26(3):299-300Johnson WE, McCarthy KR
  • In this issue of Cell Host & Microbe, Buffalo et al. describe a cryo-EM structure of SIV Nef complexed with AP-2 and tetherin. The structure helps explain why human tetherin is Nef-resistant and why lentiviruses that successfully emerged in humans (HIV-1 and HIV-2) had to evolve novel anti-tetherin strategies.
  • Severe Pulmonary Disease Associated with Electronic-Cigarette-Product Use - Interim Guidance. [Journal Article]
    MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2019; 68(36):787-790Schier JG, Meiman JG, … CDC 2019 Lung Injury Response Group
  • On September 6, 2019, this report was posted as an MMWR Early Release on the MMWR website ( As of August 27, 2019, 215 possible cases of severe pulmonary disease associated with the use of electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) products (e.g., devices, liquids, refill pods, and cartridges) had been reported to CDC by 25 state health departments. E-cigarettes are devices that…
  • Outbreak of Electronic-Cigarette-Associated Acute Lipoid Pneumonia - North Carolina, July-August 2019. [Journal Article]
    MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2019; 68(36):784-786Davidson K, Brancato A, … Fox D
  • On September 6, 2019, this report was posted as an MMWR Early Release on the MMWR website ( Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) produce an aerosol by heating a liquid that usually contains nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals that users inhale, a behavior commonly referred to as "vaping." E-cigarettes can also be used to deliver marijuana and other drugs. In recent…
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