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(hyoepiglottic hyoepiglottidean)
14 results
  • [A model for training in laryngeal exposure]. [Journal Article]
    Masui 2005; 54(7):815-7Gotanda J
  • Laryngeal exposure, applying forward and upward force by laryngoscope after placement of the blade head at the vallecula, is most difficult for begginers to learn in tracheal intubation. It is not so easy to practice at home as the laryngoscope is shaped to lift the tongue upward only. Beginners must establish a proper image of moving the left hand for laryngeal exposure and must be trained in th…
  • The periepiglottic space: topographic relations and histological organisation. [Journal Article]
    J Anat 1996; 188 (Pt 1):173-82Reidenbach MM
  • Important aspects of histological organisation and topographic relations of the pre-epiglottic space are not fully understood. This region was therefore reinvestigated in plastinated serial sections of 19 human adult specimens. The cranial part of the pre-epiglottic space is homogenously filled with adipose tissue and extends around the epiglottis in a horseshoe fashion. Therefore, the term perie…
  • Hyoepiglottic ligament in supraglottic cancer. [Journal Article]
    Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol 1995; 104(10 Pt 1):770-5Zeitels SM, Kirchner JA
  • The hyoepiglottic ligament (HL) is a connective tissue structure that serves as the roof of both the paraglottic and the preepiglottic spaces and thereby anatomically separates the supraglottic larynx from the tongue base. Whole mount serially sectioned larynges with supraglottic cancer were reviewed to help clarify cephalad spread of cancer in this region. The whole mount slides were analyzed fr…
  • Preepiglottic space invasion in "early" epiglottic cancer. [Review]
    Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol 1991; 100(10):789-92Zeitels SM, Vaughan CW
  • The tendency of epiglottic cancer to invade the preepiglottic space and the significance of this invasion was evaluated in 36 surgical specimens of epiglottic carcinoma originally staged T1 or T2. None of the 9 lesions originating above the hyoepiglottic ligament invaded the preepiglottic space. Twenty-four of the 27 (89%) lesions originating below the hyoepiglottic ligament showed invasion of th…
  • Suprahyoid pharyngotomy for oropharynx cancer including the tongue base. [Journal Article]
    Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 1991; 117(7):757-60Zeitels SM, Vaughan CW, Ruh S
  • Suprahyoid pharyngotomy has been utilized as the standard approach to tongue base cancer not involving the larynx or mandible for the last 6 years at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Boston, Mass. Review of 15 patients revealed that all had advanced disease (stage III and stage IV); 14 cases involved the tongue base, and one was on the posterior pharyngeal wall. By following the…
  • A precision technique for suprahyoid pharyngotomy. [Journal Article]
    Laryngoscope 1991; 101(5):565-6Zeitels SM, Vaughan CW, Tommey JM
  • This technique of suprahyoid pharyngotomy is very useful for excision of selected laryngeal and pharyngeal neoplasms. By identifying and following the hyoepiglottic ligament, precise entry into the pharynx is accomplished easily and rapidly at the median glossoepiglottic fold.
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