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11,677 results
  • Suppression of Melanose Caused by Diaporthe citri on Citrus Leaves Pretreated with Bio-sulfur. [Journal Article]
    Plant Pathol J 2019; 35(5):417-424Shin YH, Ko EJ, … Jeun YC
  • Melanose, caused by Diaporthe citri, is one of severe diseases in citrus, a major economic resource in Jeju island. To reduce the usage amount of organic synthetic fungicide, bio-sulfur was tested as an alternative chemical to control citrus melanose in the present study. Direct antifungal activity of bio-sulfur against D. citri was determined through in vitro experiment using artificial nutrient…
  • New fossils of ascomycetous anamorphic fungi from Baltic amber. [Journal Article]
    Fungal Biol 2019; 123(11):804-810Tischer M, Gorczak M, … Wrzosek M
  • Three new fossils of saprotrophic fungi are presented and described from Baltic amber, dated to Eocene epoch (Paleogene, upper to mid-Eocene). All belong to Ascomycota and are represented by hyphae as well as asexual reproduction structures allowing to assign them to present genera, respectively Periconia, Penicillium and Scopulariopsis. These material provide both the first and the oldest known …
  • Fungal keratitis: Pathogenesis, diagnosis and prevention. [Review]
    Microb Pathog 2019; :103802Niu L, Liu X, … Zheng Y
  • As a kind of serious, potentially sight-threatening corneal infections with poor prognosis, fungal keratitis can bring a heavy economic burden to patients and seriously affect the quality of life, especially those in developing countries where fungal keratitis is more prevalent. Typical clinical features include immune rings, satellite lesions, pseudopods, hypha moss, hypopyon and endothelial pla…
  • A proteomic study of Cunninghamella echinulata recovery during exposure to tributyltin. [Journal Article]
    Environ Sci Pollut Res Int 2019Soboń A, Szewczyk R, … Różalska S
  • A proteomic study of Cunninghamella echinulata recovery during exposure to tributyltin was conducted with 2-D SDS-PAGE protein separation and profiling, MALDI-TOF/TOF protein identification, and PCA analysis. The presence of TBT resulted in an upregulation of enzymes related to energy production via cellular respiration. The unique overexpression of NADH dehydrogenase and mitochondrial malate deh…
  • Chromium tolerance and accumulation in Aspergillus flavus isolated from tannery effluent. [Journal Article]
    J Basic Microbiol 2019Vajpai S, Taylor PE, … Leigh Ackland M
  • Cr(VI) tolerance in Aspergillus flavus, strain SFL, isolated from tannery effluent was measured and compared with a reference strain of A. flavus, A1120. On solid medium, SFL had a high level of Cr(VI) tolerance (1,600 mg/L), which was 16 times that of A1120 and greater than most previously analyzed fungal strains. When in 100 mg/L of Cr(VI), SFL completely depleted Cr(VI) within 72 h while A1120…
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