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75,426 results
  • [Biopsychosocial concept of the chronic ischemia of the brain in elderly.] [Journal Article]
    Adv Gerontol 2019; 32(4):558-564Burkin MM, Hyanikyaynen IV, Molchanova EV
  • The aim of the study was to optimize the strategies of diagnosis and treatment of chronic cerebral ischemia (CCI) in the elderly by using a multidimensional integrated approach in determining the role of biological, individual psychological and social factors in the occurrence and course of the disease. The object of study - patients with CCI. As a result of the study, a methodology for systemati…
  • Up and Down States of Cortical Neurons in Focal Limbic Seizures. [Journal Article]
    Cereb Cortex 2019Yue Z, Freedman IG, … Blumenfeld H
  • Recent work suggests an important role for cortical-subcortical networks in seizure-related loss of consciousness. Temporal lobe seizures disrupt subcortical arousal systems, which may lead to depressed cortical function and loss of consciousness. Extracellular recordings show ictal neocortical slow waves at about 1 Hz, but it is not known whether these simply represent seizure propagation or alt…
  • The relation between preference for predictability and autistic traits. [Journal Article]
    Autism Res 2019Goris J, Brass M, … Braem S
  • A common idea about individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is that they have an above-average preference for predictability and sameness. However, surprisingly little research has gone toward this core symptom, and some studies suggest the preference for predictability in ASD might be less general than commonly assumed. Here, we investigated this important symptom of ASD using three diff…
  • Gap or prehistoric monster? A history of the humanitarian-development nexus at UNICEF. [Journal Article]
    Disasters 2019Shusterman J
  • Why has bridging the gap between humanitarian and development been such a long-running endeavour and why have so many frameworks to do so been proposed and picked apart over the years? Rather than contributing yet another approach to 'mind the gap' this article seeks to articulate why the idea of a gap came about in the first place, and how to escape from a debate that has grown increasingly circ…
  • Recursive Feature Elimination by Sensitivity Testing. [Journal Article]
    Proc Int Conf Mach Learn Appl 2018; 2018:40-47Escanilla NS, Hellerstein L, … Page D
  • There is great interest in methods to improve human insight into trained non-linear models. Leading approaches include producing a ranking of the most relevant features, a non-trivial task for non-linear models. We show theoretically and empirically the benefit of a novel version of recursive feature elimination (RFE) as often used with SVMs; the key idea is a simple twist on the kinds of sensiti…
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