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3,543 results
  • Ocular torsion is related to perceived motion-induced position shifts. [Journal Article]
    J Vis 2019; 19(12):11Wu X, Spering M
  • Ocular torsion (i.e., rotations of the eye about the line of sight) can be induced by visual rotational motion. It remains unclear whether and how such visually induced torsion is related to perception. By using the flash-grab effect, an illusory position shift of a briefly flashed stationary target superimposed on a rotating pattern, we examined the relationship between torsion and perception. I…
  • Investigating the Components of Body Image Disturbance Within Eating Disorders. [Journal Article]
    Front Psychiatry 2019; 10:635Carey M, Preston C
  • Body image disturbance has been highlighted as a common characteristic within the development and maintenance of clinical eating disorders (EDs), represented by alterations in an individual's bodily experience. However, whilst the perceptual stability of the sense of body ownership has been investigated in ED patients, the stability of the sense of body agency in those with ED is yet to be examin…
  • Illusory Oscillation of the Central Rotation Axis. [Journal Article]
    Iperception 2019 Jul-Aug; 10(4):2041669519865283Nakajima Y, Kakuda S, Satoh S
  • In this study, we report a novel visual illusion for rotational motion, in which the central rotation axis of a partially invisible (apparent) square is perceived as exhibiting oscillatory rotation. To investigate the cause of this illusion, we measured the central position of a static apparent shape using an adjustment method (Experiment 1) and manipulated the speed of the rotating apparent squa…
  • Neutral evolution of cellular phenotypes. [Review]
    Curr Opin Genet Dev 2019; 58-59:87-94Wideman JG, Novick A, … Doolittle WF
  • Eukaryotes exhibit a great diversity of cellular and subcellular morphologies, but their basic underlying architecture is fairly constant. All have a nucleus, Golgi, cytoskeleton, plasma membrane, vesicles, ribosomes, and all known lineages but one have mitochondrion-related organelles. Moreover, most eukaryotes undergo processes such as mitosis, meiosis, DNA recombination, and often perform feat…
  • Judging Truth. [Journal Article]
    Annu Rev Psychol 2019Brashier NM, Marsh EJ
  • Deceptive claims surround us, embedded in fake news, advertisements, political propaganda, and rumors. How do people know what to believe? Truth judgments reflect inferences drawn from three types of information: base rates, feelings, and consistency with information retrieved from memory. First, people exhibit a bias to accept incoming information, because most claims in our environments are tru…
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