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449,330 results
  • Computational Biology: An Introduction to Image-Based Systems Biology of Multicellular Spheroids for Experimentalists and Theoreticians [BOOK]
    Codon Publications: Brisbane (AU) Husi Holger H Division of Biomedical Science, University of the Highlands and Islands, UK Fischer Sabine C. SC Center for Computational and Theoretical Biology, Department of Biology, Universität Würzburg, Würzburg, Germany BOOK
  • Multicellular organisms are inherently three-dimensional. This leads to complex intercellular interactions that cannot be reproduced in two-dimensional cell culture. Instead, three-dimensional spheroids, ball-shaped cell aggregates, arise as model systems. Spheroids provide an accurate in vitro representation of the three-dimensional organization of cells in tissues, and compared to a real tissue…
  • Computational Biology: Deep Learning in Omics Data Analysis and Precision Medicine [BOOK]
    Codon Publications: Brisbane (AU)Husi HMartorell-Marugán J, Tabik S, … Carmona-Sáez PBOOK
  • The rise of omics techniques has resulted in an explosion of molecular data in modern biomedical research. Together with information from medical images and clinical data, the field of omics has driven the implementation of personalized medicine. Biomedical and omics datasets are complex and heterogeneous, and extracting meaningful knowledge from this vast amount of information is by far the most…
  • Computational Biology [BOOK]
    Codon Publications: Brisbane (AU) Husi Holger H Division of Biomedical Science, University of the Highlands and Islands, UK BOOK
  • Our understanding of biology has undergone a revolution in the past 20 years, driven by our ability to capture, store, interrogate and analyze the ever-increasing volumes of ‘omics’ data. Computational Biology, an integrated approach employing high performance computers, state-of-the art software and algorithms, mathematical modeling and statistical analyses have enabled us to unravel the seeming…
  • Quartz tuning fork based three-dimensional topography imaging for sidewall with blind features. [Journal Article]
    Ultramicroscopy 2019; 210:112916Akhtar I, Rehman MA, … Seo Y
  • Atomic force microscopy has a tremendous number of applications in a wide variety of fields, particularly in the semiconductor area for the 3D-stacked device. Imaging three-dimensional (3D) structures with blind features has progressively become a critical technique. Recently, a 3D-atomic force microscopy (AFM) technique has been proposed to image 3D features, especially those having sharp apices…
  • Quantification of sheet nacre morphogenesis using X-ray nanotomography and deep learning. [Journal Article]
    J Struct Biol 2019; :107432Beliaev M, Zöllner D, … Zlotnikov I
  • High-resolution three-dimensional imaging is key to our understanding of biological tissue formation and function. Recent developments in synchrotron-based X-Ray tomography techniques provide unprecedented morphological information on relatively large sample volumes with a spatial resolution better than 50 nm. However, the analysis of the generated data, in particular image segmentation - separat…
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