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17,606 results
  • Inferring the Demographic History of Inbred Species from Genome-Wide SNP Frequency Data. [Journal Article]
    Mol Biol Evol 2020Blischak PD, Barker MS, Gutenkunst RN
  • Demographic inference using the site frequency spectrum (SFS) is a common way to understand historical events affecting genetic variation. However, most methods for estimating demography from the SFS assume random mating within populations, precluding these types of analyses in inbred populations. To address this issue, we developed a model for the expected SFS that includes inbreeding by paramet…
  • Cortisol Measurements in Cushing's Syndrome: Immunoassay or Mass Spectrometry? [Review]
    Ann Lab Med 2020; 40(4):285-296Casals G, Hanzu FA
  • Determination of cortisol levels in the urine (24 hours urine free cortisol), saliva (late-night), or serum (total cortisol after dexamethasone suppression) is recommended to screen for Cushing's syndrome (CS). This review focuses on the differences between the frequently used cortisol-antibody immunoassay-based methods and the highly specific mass-spectrometry-based methods that are progressivel…
  • The role of the posterior parietal cortex in saccadic error processing. [Journal Article]
    Brain Struct Funct 2020Munuera J, Duhamel JR
  • Ocular saccades rapidly displace the fovea from one point of interest to another, thus minimizing the loss of visual information and ensuring the seamless continuity of visual perception. However, because of intrinsic variability in sensory-motor processing, saccades often miss their intended target, necessitating a secondary corrective saccade. Behavioral evidence suggests that the oculomotor sy…
  • Magnetic susceptibility measurement by NMR: 1. The temperature dependence of TMS. [Journal Article]
    J Magn Reson 2020; 312:106689Hoffman RE
  • Usually a dedicated susceptometer is needed to measure diamagnetism accurately. An NMR spectrometer is more readily available in most chemistry departments but till now has been inaccurate for measuring diamagnetism. An improved NMR method is introduced to measure the magnetic susceptibility, or diamagnetism with similar absolute accuracy as other methods. This is achieved by accurate modelling o…
  • How does stiffness of polymer chains affect their adsorption transition? [Journal Article]
    J Chem Phys 2020; 152(6):064901Milchev A, Binder K
  • The adsorption transition and the structure of semiflexible adsorbed macromolecules are studied by a molecular dynamics simulation of a coarse-grained, bead-spring type model. Varying chain length N and stiffness κ (which is proportional to the persistence length ℓp in d = 3 dimensions) as well as the strength ϵwall of the adsorption potential, the adsorbed monomer fraction, orientational bond or…
  • Model Averaging in Viral Dynamic Models. [Journal Article]
    AAPS J 2020; 22(2):48Gonçalves A, Mentré F, … Guedj J
  • The paucity of experimental data makes both inference and prediction particularly challenging in viral dynamic models. In the presence of several candidate models, a common strategy is model selection (MS), in which models are fitted to the data but only results obtained with the "best model" are presented. However, this approach ignores model uncertainty, which may lead to inaccurate predictions…
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