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121 results
  • Corpus Callosum: Molecular Pathways in Mice and Human Dysgeneses. [Review]
    Neuroimaging Clin N Am 2019; 29(3):445-459Raybaud C
  • The corpus callosum is the largest of the 3 telencephalic commissures in eutherian (placental) mammals. Although the anterior commissure, and the hippocampal commissure before being pushed dorsally by the expanding frontal lobes, cross through the lamina reuniens (upper part of the lamina terminalis), the callosal fibers need a transient interhemispheric cellular bridge to cross. This review desc…
  • Cajal-Retzius neurons are required for the development of the human hippocampal fissure. [Journal Article]
    J Anat 2019Meyer G, González-Arnay E, … González-Gómez M
  • Cajal-Retzius neurons (CRN) are the main source of Reelin in the marginal zone of the developing neocortex and hippocampus (HC). They also express the transcription factor p73 and are complemented by later-appearing GABAergic Reelin+ interneurons. The human dorsal HC forms at gestational week 10 (GW10), when it develops a rudimentary Ammonic plate and incipient dentate migration, although the dor…
  • Histological and MRI Study of the Development of the Human Indusium Griseum. [Journal Article]
    Cereb Cortex 2019Bobic Rasonja M, Oreškovic D, … Jovanov Miloševic N
  • To uncover the ontogenesis of the human indusium griseum (IG), 28 post-mortem fetal human brains, 12-40 postconceptional weeks (PCW) of age, and 4 adult brains were analyzed immunohistochemically and compared with post-mortem magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of 28 fetal brains (14-41 PCW). The morphogenesis of the IG occurred between 12 and 15 PCW, transforming the bilateral IG primordia into a r…
  • Substance P receptor in the rat indusium griseum during postnatal development. [Journal Article]
    Neurosci Res 2018; 130:23-38Barbaresi P
  • The presence of substance P (SP) receptor (Neurokinin-1 receptor, NK1R) in the indusium griseum (IG) and anterior hippocampal continuation (AHC) during postnatal development was studied by immunocytochemistry (ICC). NK1R-immunopositive neurons (NK1RIP-n) first appeared in both areas on postnatal day (P) 5. From P5 onward, their distribution pattern was adult-like. In sagittal sections NK1RIP-n fo…
  • Phylogenetic analyses place the monotypic Dryopolystichum within Lomariopsidaceae. [Journal Article]
    PhytoKeys 2017; (78):83-107Chen CW, Sundue M, … Huang YM
  • The monotypic fern genus Dryopolystichum Copel. combines a unique assortment of characters that obscures its relationship to other ferns. Its thin-walled sporangium with a vertical and interrupted annulus, round sorus with peltate indusium, and petiole with several vascular bundles place it in suborder Polypodiineae, but more precise placement has eluded previous authors. Here we investigate its …
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