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93,129 results
  • NK Cells as Potential Targets for Immunotherapy in Endometriosis. [Review]
    J Clin Med 2019; 8(9)Ścieżyńska A, Komorowski M, … Malejczyk J
  • Endometriosis is a common gynecological disease defined by the presence of endometrial-like tissue outside the uterus, most frequently on the pelvic viscera and ovaries, which is associated with pelvic pains and infertility. It is an inflammatory disorder with some features of autoimmunity. It is accepted that ectopic endometriotic tissue originates from endometrial cells exfoliated during menstr…
  • Deletion of a Seminal Gene Cluster Reinforces a Crucial Role of SVS2 in Male Fertility. [Journal Article]
    Int J Mol Sci 2019; 20(18)Shindo M, Inui M, … Kawano N
  • Multiple genes, whose functions or expression are overlapping, compensate for the loss of one gene. A gene cluster in the mouse genome encodes five seminal vesicle proteins (SVS2, SVS3, SVS4, SVS5, and SVS6). These proteins are produced by male rodents and function in formation of the copulatory plug following mating. SVS2 plays an essential role in the successful internal fertilization by protec…
  • Rebuilding the human testis in vitro. [Review]
    Andrology 2019Oliver E, Stukenborg JB
  • Increasing rates of male infertility have led to a greater need for relevant model systems to gain further insight into male fertility and its failings. Spermatogenesis and hormone production occur within distinct regions of the testis. Defined by specialised architecture and a diverse population of cell types it is no surprise that disruption of this highly organised microenvironment can lead to…
  • Characterization of DNA cleavage produced by seminal plasma using leukocytes as a cell target. [Journal Article]
    Syst Biol Reprod Med 2019; :1-10Cortés-Gutiérrez EI, De La Vega CG, … Gosálvez J
  • Numerous studies have shown the presence of DNA lesions in human spermatozoa affecting sperm quality. However, the nature of this anomaly and its relationship with patient etiology are poorly understood since different mechanisms can be involved in the formation of these novel DNA configurations including the action of a seminal plasma nuclease activity. The objective of this study was to assess …
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