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3,161 results
  • Nanosystems for Improved Targeted Therapies in Melanoma. [Review]
    J Clin Med 2020; 9(2)Beiu C, Giurcaneanu C, … Mihai MM
  • Melanoma is one of the most aggressive forms of skin cancer, with limited therapeutic options. Since its incidence has been rapidly rising in recent years, the study of new targeted therapeutic strategies has increased. The implication of nanoscience in the development of alternative targeted therapies for melanoma has multiple benefits and could significantly improve the outcome of melanoma pati…
  • Anaerobic Threshold Biophysical Characterisation of the Four Swimming Techniques. [Journal Article]
    Int J Sports Med 2020Carvalho DD, Soares S, … Fernandes RJ
  • The anaerobic threshold (AnT) seems to be not only a physiologic boundary but also a transition after which swimmers technique changes, modifying their biomechanical behaviour. We expanded the AnT concept to a biophysical construct in the four conventional swimming techniques. Seventy-two elite swimmers performed a 5×200 m incremental protocol in their preferred swimming technique (with a 0.05 m·…
  • Electrophysiological indicators of gesture perception. [Journal Article]
    Exp Brain Res 2020Cabrera ME, Novak K, … Wachs JP
  • Electroencephalography (EEG) activity in the mu frequency band (8-13 Hz) is suppressed during both gesture performance and observation. However, it is not clear if or how particular characteristics within the kinematic execution of gestures map onto dynamic changes in mu activity. Mapping the time course of gesture kinematics onto that of mu activity could help understand which aspects of gesture…
  • A type-curve method for the analysis of pumping tests with piecewise-linear pumping rates. [Journal Article]
    Ground Water 2020Zhuang C, Li Y, … Yan L
  • Aquifer hydraulic parameters are commonly inferred from constant-rate pumping tests, while variable pumping rates are frequently encountered in actual field conditions. In this study, we propose a generally applicable dimensionless form of the analytical solution for variable-rate pumping tests in confined aquifers. In particular, we adopt a piecewise-linear fitting of variable pumping rates and …
  • Aging with Autism Departs Greatly from Typical Aging. [Journal Article]
    Sensors (Basel) 2020; 20(2)Torres EB, Caballero C, Mistry S
  • Autism has been largely portrayed as a psychiatric and childhood disorder. However, autism is a lifelong neurological condition that evolves over time through highly heterogeneous trajectories. These trends have not been studied in relation to normative aging trajectories, so we know very little about aging with autism. One aspect that seems to develop differently is the sense of movement, inclus…
  • Reliability and validity of methods in the assessment of cold-induced shivering thermogenesis. [Journal Article]
    Eur J Appl Physiol 2020Arnold JT, Hemsley Z, … Lloyd AB
  • CONCLUSIONS: Segmental regression provides a successful analytical method for identifying shivering onset. Good-to-excellent reliability can be seen across V̇O2, EMG, MMG, and BSAS, yet given the observed lag times, SNRs, along with known advantages/disadvantaged of each metric, it is recommended that no single metric is used in isolation. An integrative, real-time measure of shivering is proposed.
  • Who are you talking to? The role of addressee identity in utterance comprehension. [Journal Article]
    Psychophysiology 2020; :e13527Caffarra S, Wolpert M, … Mancini S
  • Experimental evidence suggests that speaker and addressee quickly adapt to each other from the earliest moments of sentence processing, and that interlocutor-related information is rapidly integrated with other sources of nonpragmatic information (e.g., semantic, morphosyntactic, etc.). These findings have been taken as support for one-step models of sentence comprehension. The results from the p…
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