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3,666 results
  • Delivery Strategies for Skin: Comparison of Nanoliter Jets, Needles and Topical Solutions. [Journal Article]
    Ann Biomed Eng 2019Cu K, Bansal R, … Fernandez Rivas D
  • Drug diffusion within the skin with a needle-free micro-jet injection (NFI) device was compared with two well-established delivery methods: topical application and solid needle injection. A permanent make-up (PMU) machine, normally used for dermal pigmentation, was utilized as a solid needle injection method. For NFIs a continuous wave (CW) laser diode was used to create a bubble inside a microfl…
  • Effect of fluid injection on turbulence and noise reduction of a supersonic jet. [Journal Article]
    Philos Trans A Math Phys Eng Sci 2019; 377(2159):20190082Prasad C, Morris P
  • Supersonic jets, such as the ones used in high-performance military aircraft, have both downstream and upstream noise components due to the large-scale turbulent structures and the presence of shock cells in the jet plume. The fluid insert technology is a noise reduction method that has been shown to effectively reduce both these noise components. This paper analyses the unsteady flow changes ass…
  • Spatially-resolved diffuse imaging for high-speed depth estimation of jet injection. [Journal Article]
    J Biophotonics 2019; :e201900205Brennan KA, Ruddy BP, … Taberner AJ
  • We investigate the use of spatially-resolved diffuse imaging to track a fluid jet delivered at high speed into skin tissue. A jet injector with a short needle to deliver drugs beneath the dermis, is modified to incorporate a laser beam into the jet, which is ejected into ex vivo porcine tissue. The diffuse light emitted from the side and top of the tissue sample is recorded using high-speed video…
  • A luminal unfolding microneedle injector for oral delivery of macromolecules. [Journal Article]
    Nat Med 2019Abramson A, Caffarel-Salvador E, … Traverso G
  • Insulin and other injectable biologic drugs have transformed the treatment of patients suffering from diabetes1,2, yet patients and healthcare providers often prefer to use and prescribe less effective orally dosed medications3-5. Compared with subcutaneously administered drugs, oral formulations create less patient discomfort4, show greater chemical stability at high temperatures6, and do not ge…
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