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5,600 results
  • Fabrication of innocuous gold nanoparticles using plant cells in culture. [Journal Article]
    Sci Rep 2019; 9(1):12040Bhaskaran S, Sharma N, … Sahi SV
  • Plant extracts and their different growth phases have been manipulated for the fabrication of nanomaterials, which can be an eco-friendly alternative to the chemical methods that produce hazardous by-products. However, practical difficulties in isolation of the nanoparticles obtained through biological methods and the scanty control that these methods allow over their shapes and sizes impose limi…
  • Diet and Immune Function. [Editorial]
    Nutrients 2019; 11(8)Childs CE, Calder PC, Miles EA
  • A well-functioning immune system is critical for survival. The immune system must be constantly alert, monitoring for signs of invasion or danger. Cells of the immune system must be able to distinguish self from non-self and furthermore discriminate between non-self molecules which are harmful (e.g., those from pathogens) and innocuous non-self molecules (e.g., from food). This Special Issue of N…
  • Production and properties of a bioemulsifier obtained from a lactic acid bacterium. [Journal Article]
    Ecotoxicol Environ Saf 2019; 183:109553Gianni de Carvalho K, Gómez JE, … Colin VL
  • In the present work, the production of bioemulsifier (BE) by a lactic acid bacterium (LAB) grown at 25 °C in lactic whey-based media for 24 h was evaluated. Maximum production was detected in a medium containing yeast extract, peptone and lactic whey (LAPLW medium), with a yield of 270 mg L-1. The BE proved to be more innocuous for Caco-2 cells, used as a toxicological indicator, than the non-ion…
  • Trans-oral penetrating trauma to the neck: the innocuous pen cap and the value of CT Scan. [Journal Article]
    S Afr J Surg 2019; 57(3):59Nathie M, Maharaj S
  • CONCLUSIONS: A significant number of otorhinolaryngological emergency visits are caused by foreign bodies, and occasionally they can result in life-threatening injury. This report highlights the value of neck CT in the evaluation of suspected radiolucent foreign bodies penetrating the neck from the oral cavity. This guided the surgical approach to remove the foreign body safely without complication.
  • Development of a Mouse Pain Scale Using Sub-second Behavioral Mapping and Statistical Modeling. [Journal Article]
    Cell Rep 2019; 28(6):1623-1634.e4Abdus-Saboor I, Fried NT, … Luo W
  • Rodents are the main model systems for pain research, but determining their pain state is challenging. To develop an objective method to assess pain sensation in mice, we adopt high-speed videography to capture sub-second behavioral features following hind paw stimulation with both noxious and innocuous stimuli and identify several differentiating parameters indicating the affective and reflexive…
  • Recruitment of Spinoparabrachial Neurons by Dorsal Horn Calretinin Neurons. [Journal Article]
    Cell Rep 2019; 28(6):1429-1438.e4Petitjean H, B Bourojeni F, … Sharif-Naeini R
  • The dorsal horn of the spinal cord is the first integration site of somatosensory inputs from the periphery. In the superficial layers of the dorsal horn, nociceptive inputs are processed by a complex network of excitatory and inhibitory interneurons whose function and connectivity remain poorly understood. We examined the role of calretinin-expressing interneurons (CR neurons) in such processing…
  • The role of heart rate variability in mindfulness-based pain relief. [Journal Article]
    J Pain 2019Adler-Neal AL, Waugh CE, … Zeidan F
  • Mindfulness meditation is a self-regulatory practice premised on sustaining non-reactive awareness of arising sensory events that reliably reduces pain. Yet, the specific analgesic mechanisms supporting mindfulness have not been comprehensively disentangled from the potential non-specific factors supporting this technique. Increased parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) activity is associated with…
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