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3,643 results
  • A Propensity to Murder: Phrenology in Antebellum Medico-Legal Theory and Practice. [Journal Article]
    J Hist Med Allied Sci 2019; 74(4):416-439Thompson CE
  • This essay explores the uses of phrenological theory in the realm of jurisprudence between the mid-1830s and 1850s, focusing in particular on the adoption and circulation of phrenological language within medico-legal circles through this period. The article begins by contextualizing medical jurisprudence in early America; at the same time that phrenology was gaining ground in the United States, t…
  • Public Perceptions of Moral Insanity in the 19th Century. [Journal Article]
    J Nerv Ment Dis 2019; 207(9):805-814Hanganu-Bresch C
  • The diagnosis of moral insanity was primarily used through the best part of the 19th century to define and justify the psychiatric treatment of a particular type of conduct in which the patient seemed otherwise rational but displayed certain inexplicable and undesirable behaviors deemed socially perverse or "unfit." This article traces the history of this highly contested concept, which mirrors a…
  • Madness and Crime: A Non-Western Historical Perspective. [Journal Article]
    J Nerv Ment Dis 2019; 207(9):740-741Haldipur CV
  • It is generally acknowledged that the insanity defense has its roots in ancient Greek philosophy. There are references to the insanity defense in the works of Plato and Homer. Little, though, is known about how non-Western cultures dealt with the insane who commit crimes. This article focuses on one non-Western culture: ancient India. The author refers to extant medical texts and Sanskrit literat…
  • 'Am I mad?': The Windham case and Victorian resistance to psychiatry. [Journal Article]
    Hist Psychiatry 2019; :957154X19867059Degerman D
  • This article revisits the notorious trial of William Windham, a wealthy young man accused of lunacy. The trial in 1861-2 saw the country's foremost experts on psychological medicine very publicly debate the concepts, symptoms and diagnosis of insanity. I begin by surveying the trial and the testimonies of medical experts. Their disparate assessments of Windham evoked heated reactions in the press…
  • Racial degeneration, mental hygiene, and the beginning of Peruvian psychiatry, 1922-1934. [Journal Article]
    Hist Psychol 2019; 22(3):225-243Rios-Molina A
  • Between 1922 and 1934, three pamphlets and a series of articles on mental hygiene were published in important newspapers in Lima, Peru. Their authors were Hermilio Valdizán and Honorio Delgado, two members of the first generation of psychiatrists in the country. These mass publications aimed to educate the population on what mental illness was, as well as its causes and symptoms. In addition, the…
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