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639 results
  • All-fiber laser pump reflector based on a femtosecond-written inner cladding Bragg grating. [Journal Article]
    Opt Lett 2019; 44(20):5033-5036Talbot L, Paradis P, Bernier M
  • We report on the writing of chirped cladding Bragg gratings using 400 nm femtosecond pulses and the phase-mask inscription technique in the pure silica inner cladding of the gain fiber. The usefulness of such a fiber component is demonstrated as a pump reflector in a cladding-pumped all-fiber laser. A reflectivity of 53% for the residual pump power guided in the highly multimode 125 μm fiber's cl…
  • Ethnography of texts: a literature review of health and female homosexuality in Brazil. [Journal Article]
    Med Humanit 2019Rau Steuernagel C, Engebretsen E, … Moen K
  • This paper reviews the literature on health and female homosexuality in Brazil and, along the way, outlines an alternative approach to reviewing academic literature. Rather than summarising the contents of previously published papers, we relate to these publications primarily as partakers in the creation of knowledge. Inspired by Actor-Network Theory (ANT), we apply ethnographic methods to unders…
  • 'Built for expansion': the 'social life' of the WHO's mental health GAP Intervention Guide. [Journal Article]
    Sociol Health Illn 2019; 41 Suppl 1:162-175Mills C, Hilberg E
  • The focus of this study is the WHO's mhGAP-Intervention Guide (mhGAP-IG) 2.0 (2016), an evidence-based tool and guideline to help detect, diagnose and manage the most common mental disorders, designed for use by non-specialists globally but particularly in low- and middle-income countries. This research is a starting point in tracing the multiple 'doings' of mhGAP-IG - connecting questions of how…
  • The Incisura. [Journal Article]
    Cardiol Rev 2019 Nov/Dec; 27(6):274-278Klein LW, Shahrrava A
  • Analysis of the arterial pressure waveform remains useful in modern practice to assess alterations that may indicate significant abnormalities of cardiovascular parameters. The recognition of abnormalities of the incisura and dicrotic wave should alert the clinician to seek specific etiologic factors. Understanding the physiological origins of the incisura and dicrotic notch enhance its clinical …
  • [Post-traumatic stress disorder in reaction to psychotic experience: A systematic revue]. [Journal Article]
    Encephale 2019Galliot G, Very E, … Salles J
  • CONCLUSIONS: A psychotic experience could be traumatic for patients and lead to complete PTSD. Although it appears as a non-consensual clinical entity, from a likely epistemological slip of the definition of "psychotrauma", the consideration of potential PTSD-PP presents an undoubted clinical relevance. Indeed, it could help practioners to precise the semiological analysis of patients recovering from an acute psychotic episode; to impact the prognosis of psychosis, thinking about impairment on the quality of life and the affective and suicidal comorbidities; and to modify the therapeutic approach in the recovery of schizophrenia. In addition, the literature about psychotic recovery seems particularly related to the concept of "post-traumatic growth" (PTG). The inscription of a psychotic episode in a traumatic frame requires a clinical approach as close as possible to the subjectivity of the patient experience, beyond the evaluation of psychotic symptoms and its remission. The question of trauma-focused therapies applied to PTSD-PP opens the field for future research.
  • Sampled true time delay line operation by inscription of long period gratings in few-mode fibers. [Journal Article]
    Opt Express 2019; 27(16):22787-22793García S, Guillem R, … Gasulla I
  • We propose and experimentally demonstrate distributed microwave photonics signal processing over a few-mode fiber link by implementing 4-sample true time delay line operation. The inscription of a set of long period gratings at specific locations along the few-mode fiber allows the excitation of the higher-order modes while adjusting the individual sample group delays and amplitudes that are requ…
  • Single-mode Bragg gratings in tapered few-mode and multimode fibers. [Journal Article]
    Opt Lett 2019; 44(16):4024-4027Herrera-Piad LA, Delgado-Pinar M, … Andrés MV
  • We propose the implementation of fiber Bragg gratings in tapered few-mode and multimode fibers to accomplish single-mode operation by reducing the core diameter, while preserving the core-cladding structure. The gratings present a single reflection band, and the device shows low insertion losses after the taper fabrication and the fiber Bragg gratings inscription. The excitation of high-order odd…
  • Fatigue Performance of Type I Fibre Bragg Grating Strain Sensors. [Journal Article]
    Sensors (Basel) 2019; 19(16)Zhang N, Davis C, … Bernier M
  • Although fibre Bragg gratings (FBGs) offer obvious potential for use in high-density, high-strain sensing applications, the adoption of this technology in the historically conservative aerospace industry has been slow. There are several contributing factors, one of which is variability in the reported performance of these sensors in harsh and fatigue prone environments. This paper reports on a co…
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