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(interferon gamma 1b)
104 results
  • Interferon Gamma-1b Does Not Increase Markers of Bone Resorption in Autosomal Dominant Osteopetrosis. [Journal Article]
    J Bone Miner Res 2019; 34(8):1436-1445Imel EA, Liu Z, … Econs MJ
  • In autosomal dominant osteopetrosis type 2 (ADO2) CLCN7 mutations cause impaired osteoclast function. Severe consequences include skeletal fragility despite high bone mass, osteomyelitis, osteonecrosis, bone marrow failure, and severe cranial nerve impingement. There is no effective medical treatment for ADO2. We recruited subjects with ADO2 into a 14-week, open-label, pilot clinical trial of int…
  • Drugs and Lactation Database (LactMed): Interferon Gamma-1b [BOOK]
    National Library of Medicine (US): Bethesda (MD)BOOK
  • Interferon gamma is a normal component of human milk. No data are available on the use of exogenous interferon gamma 1b during breastfeeding. However, the amounts of the similar drugs, interferon alfa and interferon beta-1a, excreted into milk are very low. Any interferon in breastmilk is probably destroyed in the infant's gastrointestinal tract and not absorbed, except perhaps in neonates. Holde…
  • A rare complication of chronic granulomatous disease in a child: constrictive aspergillus pericarditis. [Case Reports]
    Turk Kardiyol Dern Ars 2017; 45(7):660-663Şişli E, Özdemir Şahan Y, … Atay Y
  • A 3-year-old girl with the diagnosis of chronic granulomatous disease (CGD) was hospitalized for bronchopneumonia and congestive heart failure. Her medical history included methylprednisolone medication for autoimmune gastric outlet obstruction. Computed tomography revealed pneumonic infiltrations and pericardial thickening. A pulsed-wave Doppler recording revealed E/A >1. During a pericardiectom…
  • IFN-γ for Friedreich ataxia: present evidence. [Journal Article]
    Neurodegener Dis Manag 2015; 5(6):497-504Wells M, Seyer L, … Lynch DR
  • IFN-γ-1b is currently US FDA approved as an orphan drug for the treatment of chronic granulomatous disease and severe malignant osteopetrosis. It is administered via subcutaneous injection and is a potential therapy for Friedreich ataxia (FRDA), a rare degenerative neurological condition. Ongoing Phase II and III trials in both adults and children with FRDA were preceded by a small Phase I, open-…
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