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18 results
  • [Iridology in Ukraine]. [Historical Article]
    Lik Sprava 1998; (3):152-6Pokanevych VV
  • The paper focuses on the history of origination and development of iridology. The basic stages of formation of iridology as a science in Ukraine are analyzed. Due emphasis is given to the role of iridology as an easy-to-learn method of rapid diagnosis of high informative value. Efficiency is shown of iridodiagnosis as exemplified in Chernobyl accident victims. Iridology is claimed to be a science…
  • [Prognostic implication of iris phenotype in ischemic heart disease]. [Journal Article]
    Klin Med (Mosk) 1997; 75(11):34-7Klemenov AV
  • Specific features of the eye iris were studied at iridobiomicroscopy in 250 patients with verified ischemic heart disease (IHD). Criteria of its iridodiagnosis have been formulated. The detected associations of HLA-antigens A3, B14, B15, B41 and Cw3 with typical for IHD iris changes confirmed hereditary predisposition of the main iridomarks. The results of iridoscopy may appear useful for prosnos…
  • [Iridodiagnosis in diseases of the hepatobiliary system and kidneys]. [Journal Article]
    Lik Sprava 1996 Jan-Feb; (1-2):113-5Lukash NV, Pol'skaia LV, Kliaritskaia IL
  • Overall fifty patients with chronic hepatitis and 50 patients with concurrent pathologies were examined. The patients with chronic active hepatitis and in coexisting pathologies showed more profound depression of the immunity system as well as striking alterations on the iris of the eye. The former patient group received basic therapy, while the latter one were given immunomodulating agents again…
  • [The use of iridoscopy in prophylactic examinations]. [Journal Article]
    Oftalmol Zh 1989; (4):233-5Zubareva TV, Gadakchian KA
  • To study the method of iridodiagnosis, clinical and iridoscopic examinations were conducted in 1104 patients and healthy persons, of them 516 men and 588 women, aged from 18 to 65 years. The contingent of the subjects represented 6 groups of patients with the most frequently observed pathology and a control group. The results obtained allow to consider that iridoscopy is indeed a sufficiently inf…
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