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(iron polysaccharide)
8,490 results
  • Trivalent iron induced gelation in Artemisia sphaerocephala Krasch. polysaccharide. [Journal Article]
    Int J Biol Macromol 2019; 144:690-697Yao X, Yao X, … Jiang F
  • Artemisia sphaerocephala Krasch. polysaccharide (ASKP) has attracted growing attention in the field of food and medical engineering due to its biological activity and colloidal property. In this study, the binding between ASKP and ferric ions was found and the binding mechanism was explored. The results showed that ASKP could form a hydrogel with three-dimensional network structure in the presenc…
  • Oxidation of dextran using H2O2 and NaClO/NaBr and their applicability in iron chelation. [Journal Article]
    Int J Biol Macromol 2019; 144:615-623Wu H, Shang-Guan DC, … Zhang HB
  • The structural modification of polysaccharides directly affects their physicochemical properties and applications. Dextran, a chained polysaccharide, consists of multiple d-glucose molecules with repetitive structures. In this study, the physicochemical properties of oxidized dextran (DO) at different concentrations of NaClO/NaBr and H2O2 were compared. The results showed that NaClO/NaBr oxidatio…
  • Fate and transport of sulfidated nano zerovalent iron (S-nZVI): A field study. [Journal Article]
    Water Res 2020; 170:115319Nunez Garcia A, Boparai HK, … O'Carroll DM
  • Treatment of nano zerovalent iron (nZVI) with lower valent forms of sulfur compounds (sulfidation) has the potential to increase the selectivity and reactivity of nZVI with target contaminants and to decrease inter-particle aggregation for improving its mobility. These developments help in addressing some of the long-standing challenges associated with nZVI-based remediation treatments and are of…
  • Metabolic relationships of uncultured bacteria associated with the microalgae Gambierdiscus. [Journal Article]
    Environ Microbiol 2019Rambo IM, Dombrowski N, … Baker BJ
  • Microbial communities inhabit algae cell surfaces and produce a variety of compounds that can impact the fitness of the host. These interactions have been studied via culturing, single-gene diversity and metagenomic read survey methods that are limited by culturing biases and fragmented genetic characterizations. Higher-resolution frameworks are needed to resolve the physiological interactions wi…
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