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24 results
  • Extraordinary anisotropic thermal expansion in photosalient crystals. [Journal Article]
    IUCrJ. 2020 Jan 01; 7(Pt 1):83-89.Yadava K, Gallo G, … Vittal JJ
  • Although a plethora of metal complexes have been characterized, those having multifunctional properties are very rare. This article reports three isotypical complexes, namely [Cu(benzoate)L 2], where L = 4-styryl-pyridine (4spy) (1), 2'-fluoro-4-styryl-pyridine (2F-4spy) (2) and 3'-fluoro-4-styryl-pyridine (3F-4spy) (3), which show photosalient behavior (photoinduced crystal mobility) while they …
  • Metal-organic framework assembled from erbium and a tetrapodal polyphosphonic acid organic linker. [Journal Article]
    Acta Crystallogr C Struct Chem. 2018 06 01; 74(Pt 6):752-759.Mendes RF, Firmino ADG, … Almeida Paz FA
  • A three-dimensional metal-organic framework (MOF), poly[[μ6-5'-pentahydrogen [1,1'-biphenyl]-3,3',5,5'-tetrayltetrakis(phosphonato)]erbium(III)] 2.5-hydrate], formulated as [Er(C12H11O12P4)]·2.5H2O or [Er(H5btp)]·2.5H2O (I) and isotypical with a Y3+-based MOF reported previously by our research group [Firmino et al. (2017b). Inorg. Chem. 56, 1193-1208], was constructed based solely on Er3+ and on…
  • Na2.32Co1.84(SO4)3 as a new member of the alluaudite family of high-voltage sodium battery cathodes. [Journal Article]
    Dalton Trans. 2016 Dec 20; 46(1):55-63.Dwibedi D, Gond R, … Barpanda P
  • Electrochemical energy storage has recently seen tremendous emphasis being placed on the large-scale (power) grid storage. Sodium-ion batteries are capable of achieving this goal with economic viability. In a recent breakthrough in sodium-ion battery research, the alluaudite framework (Na2Fe2(SO4)3) has been reported, with the highest Fe3+/Fe2+ redox potential (ca. 3.8 V, Barpanda, et al., Nat. C…
  • Polyimido sulfur(VI) phosphanyl ligand in metal complexation. [Journal Article]
    Chemistry. 2014 Nov 24; 20(48):15849-54.Carl E, Stalke D
  • Herein, new complexes containing the [Ph2PCH2S(NtBu)3](-) anion are presented, supplying three imido nitrogen atoms and a remote phosphorus atom as potential donor sites to main group and transition-metal cations. The lithiated complex [(tmeda)Li{(NtBu)3SCH2PPh2}] (1) is an excellent starting material in transmetalation reactions. Herein, the transition-metal complexes [M{(NtBu)3SCH2PPh2}2] (M=Mn…
  • Solvent-induced structural dynamics in noninterpenetrating porous coordination polymeric networks. [Journal Article]
    Inorg Chem. 2013 Mar 18; 52(6):2951-7.Medishetty R, Jung D, … Vittal JJ
  • Three novel soft porous coordination polymer (PCP) or metal-organic framework (MOF) compounds have been synthesized with a new rigid ligand N-(4-pyridyl)-1,4,5,8-naphathalenetetracarboxymonoimide (PNMI) by partial hydrolysis of N,N'-di-(4-pyridyl)-1,4,5,8-naphthalenete-tracarboxydiimide (DPNI) during solvothermal reactions with Zn(II), Cd(II), and Mn(II) salts, and they are [Zn(PNMI)]·2DMA (1·2DM…
  • A combinatorial study of inverse Heusler alloys by first-principles computational methods. [Journal Article]
    J Comput Chem. 2010 Feb; 31(3):612-9.Gillessen M, Dronskowski R
  • In continuation of our recent combinatorial work on 810 X(2)YZ full Heusler alloys, a computational study of the same class of materials but with the inverse (XY)XZ crystal structure has been performed on the basis of first-principles (GGA) total-energy calculations using pseudopotentials and plane waves. The predicted enthalpies of formation evidence 27 phases to be thermochemically stable again…
  • Lanthanide contraction over the 4f series follows a quadratic decay. [Journal Article]
    Inorg Chem. 2002 Jan 28; 41(2):167-9.Quadrelli EA
  • An analysis of the structural data available for isotypical series of rare earth compounds shows that the contraction of X-ray determined Ln-O bond distances over the f block is at least quadratic. Such quadratic decay is observed also for Ln(III) ionic radii, calculated bond distances, and lanthanide atomic orbital expectation values.
  • [New perspectives in the modulation of allergic inflammation]. [Review]
    Z Hautkr. 1990 Jan; 65(1) Weck AL, Stadler BM, Dahinden CA
  • Current studies on IgE-dependent allergic reactions focus on the regulation of IgE synthesis by cellular IgE receptors or by their fragments, so-called IgE-binding factors. Recent studies suggest that lymphokines, such as interleukin-4 (IL-4) and interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma), may be more relevant in the modulation of IgE synthesis. Under this aspect studies should concentrate on the role of anti-…
  • B lymphocyte markers in multiple myeloma and related plasma cell dyscrasias. [Journal Article]
    Cancer Detect Prev. 1988; 11(3-6):423-32.Ricci C, Coscia G, … Verney MM
  • Multiple myeloma and benign monoclonal gammopathies are regarded as monoclonal B cell proliferations in which B lymphocyte maturation is blocked in the final stages of the differentiation cycle. "Blocked" cells accumulate in the body and produce large quantities of immunoglobulins. These are monoclonal, because they come from a monoclonal cell stock. This study presents the results of peripheral …
  • [Pharyngeal flora as a reference spectrum for infection pathogens in intensive care patients]. [Journal Article]
    Anasth Intensivther Notfallmed. 1985 Oct; 20(5):273-6.Rommelsheim K, Kühnen E
  • Differentiation according to species, phage type and enterocinogenotype shows that isolates of enterococci obtained from throat swabs and simultaneously from other localisations can mostly be considered as isotypical. However, it is also possible to demonstrate with other pathogens that there is an isotypicality between the spectra of other pathogens in the throat swab and in other pathological m…
  • Bullous dermatosis and myeloma. Monoclonal anticytoplasmic antibody activity. [Case Reports]
    Arch Dermatol. 1980 Jun; 116(6):681-2.Vincendeau P, Claudy A, … Texier L
  • A case of a recurrent bullous eruption in a patient who had myeloma is reported. This eruption was differentiated from pemphigus and bullous pemphigoid by the histological and immunological findings. In addition, antibodies against the cytoplasm of basal cell layer cells in the human epidermis were detected in the patient's serum and in diseased skin. The myelomatous monoclonal protein and the an…
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