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262 results
  • Sperm Entry into the Egg Cell Induces the Progression of Karyogamy in Rice Zygotes. [Journal Article]
    Plant Cell Physiol 2019; 60(8):1656-1665Ohnishi Y, Kokubu I, … Okamoto T
  • Karyogamy is a prerequisite event for plant embryogenesis, in which dynamic changes in nuclear architecture and the establishment of appropriate gene expression patterns must occur. However, the precise role of the male and female gametes in the progression of karyogamy still remains elusive. Here, we show that the sperm cell possesses the unique property to drive steady and swift nuclear fusion.…
  • Plasmodial slime molds and the evolution of microbial husbandry. [Journal Article]
    Theory Biosci 2019; 138(1):127-132Kutschera U, Hoppe T
  • Detailed analyses into the life cycle of the soil-dwelling microbe Dictyostelium discoideum led to the conclusion that this "social amoeba" practices some form of "non-monoculture farming" via the transfer of bacteria to novel environments. Herein, we show that in myxomycetes (plasmodial slime molds or myxogastrids) a similar "farming symbiosis" has evolved. Based on laboratory studies of two rep…
  • Comparative Genomics Supports Sex and Meiosis in Diverse Amoebozoa. [Journal Article]
    Genome Biol Evol 2018; 10(11):3118-3128Hofstatter PG, Brown MW, Lahr DJG
  • Sex and reproduction are often treated as a single phenomenon in animals and plants, as in these organisms reproduction implies mixis and meiosis. In contrast, sex and reproduction are independent biological phenomena that may or may not be linked in the majority of other eukaryotes. Current evidence supports a eukaryotic ancestor bearing a mating type system and meiosis, which is a process exclu…
  • Gamete fusion triggers bipartite transcription factor assembly to block re-fertilization. [Journal Article]
    Nature 2018; 560(7718):397-400Vještica A, Merlini L, … Martin SG
  • The ploidy cycle, which is integral to sexual reproduction, requires meiosis to halve chromosome numbers as well as mechanisms that ensure zygotes are formed by exactly two partners1-4. During sexual reproduction of the fungal model organism Schizosaccharomyces pombe, haploid P and M cells fuse to form a diploid zygote that immediately enters meiosis5. Here we reveal that rapid post-fusion recons…
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