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  • The Lacertus Syndrome of the Elbow in Throwing Athletes. [Review]
    Clin Sports Med. 2020 Jul; 39(3):589-596.Jordan SE
  • When more obvious and common causes of elbow pathology are ruled out, it is important to be aware of uncommon causes of elbow pain in throwers. The Lacertus syndrome can be a debilitating problem when overlooked; however, it can be easily diagnosed with a careful history and physical examination. If the description suggests a postexertional compartment-like problem, consider having the patient th…
  • Outcome of Distal Biceps Tendon Repair With and Without Concomitant Bicipital Aponeurosis Repair. [Journal Article]
    Orthop J Sports Med. 2019 Aug; 7(8):2325967119865500.Conlin CE, Naderipour A, ElMaraghy A
  • CONCLUSIONS: This pilot study suggests that repair of the BA in conjunction with DBT repair leads to a faster return to recreational activities compared with isolated DBT repair. Also noted was a trend toward subjectively improved pain and greater perceived strength, after DBT + BA repair, although this was not statistically significant. Further investigation with a larger population is required to better elucidate these potential differences.
  • Lacertus fibrosus augmentation for distal biceps brachii rupture repair: surgical technique. [Journal Article]
    Musculoskelet Surg. 2016 Dec; 100(Suppl 1):85-88.Fontana M, Trimarchi A, Colozza A
  • CONCLUSIONS: With this study we want to present our experience in the treatment of retracted distal biceps tendon tear with lacertus fibrosus augmentation. Our surgical technique is an effective and cheap option for chronic-retracted distal biceps tendon lesions. Recovery time is quicker, and integration is faster due to the use of an autologous vascularized graft. Preoperative ultrasound scan is mandatory in order to evaluate LF integrity, thickness and size.
  • Role of pronator release in revision carpal tunnel surgery. [Journal Article]
    SICOT J. 2016 Mar 16; 2:9.Luangjarmekorn P, Tsai TM, … Kitidumrongsook P
  • CONCLUSIONS: Intraoperative findings from our study confirmed that there were pathology in both carpal tunnel and pronator area in failed primary CTR with suspected PTS. Our study showed that combined PTR with revision CTR provided higher chance of completely recovery from numbness and pain more than redo CTR alone.
  • Distal biceps repair using the lacertus fibrosus as a local graft. [Journal Article]
    J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 2016 Jul; 25(7):1189-94.Caputo AE, Cusano A, … Hamer MJ
  • CONCLUSIONS: When operative treatment is chosen for biceps tendon injuries and if the lacertus fibrosus is intact, transfer of the lacertus to augment repair of the distal biceps provides predictable outcomes without the potential complications associated with allograft or autograft tendon reconstruction.
  • Brachialis syndrome: a rare consequence of patient positioning causing postoperative median neuropathy. [Journal Article]
    J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 2016 May; 25(5):797-801.Koehler SM, Meier KM, … Hausman MR
  • CONCLUSIONS: This is the first description of the brachialis syndrome. During surgery, arms were placed into full extension, compressing the brachialis against the trochlea. The brachialis reliably developed necrosis, resulting in swelling, compressing the median nerve against the lacertus fibrosus. Two patients with delayed decompression had poor neurologic outcomes. This supports modification of patient positioning, postoperative vigilance, and timely surgical management of brachialis syndrome.
  • The Supination-Pronation Test for Distal Biceps Tendon Rupture. [Journal Article]
    Am J Orthop (Belle Mead NJ). 2015 Oct; 44(10):E361-4.Metzman LS, Tivener KA
  • Prompt diagnosis of a distal biceps tendon complete rupture increases the ability to perform a primary repair and to restore motion and strength. When examining an acute injury, it is important to isolate the biceps brachii tendon from the lacertus fibrosus and the brachialis because the examiner may mistakenly miss a distal tendon rupture by not isolating supination and pronation. The supination…
  • Ultrasound of the elbow with emphasis on detailed assessment of ligaments, tendons, and nerves. [Review]
    Eur J Radiol. 2015 Apr; 84(4):671-81.De Maeseneer M, Brigido MK, … Shahabpour M
  • The high resolution and dynamic capability of ultrasound make it an excellent tool for assessment of superficial structures. The ligaments, tendons, and nerves about the elbow can be fully evaluated with ultrasound. The medial collateral ligament consists of an anterior and posterior band that can easily be identified. The lateral ligament complex consists of the radial collateral ligament, ulnar…
  • Clinical relevance of distal biceps insertional and footprint anatomy. [Review]
    Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2016 Jul; 24(7):2300-7.van den Bekerom MP, Kodde IF, … Eygendaal D
  • CONCLUSIONS: Thorough knowledge of the anatomy is essential for the surgeon in order to understand the biomechanics of rupture and reconstruction of the distal biceps tendon and to avoid injuries of the nerves. Some tips and tricks are provided, and some pitfalls were described to avoid complications and optimize surgical outcome.
  • Distal biceps rupture: the coil sign. [Case Reports]
    Orthopedics. 2014 Jun; 37(6):e605-7.Austin L, Pepe M, … Tjoumakaris F
  • Delayed repair of the distal biceps brachii tendon can lead to the formation of scar tissue and coiling of the tendon. Dissection of the scar tissue and unraveling of the tendon may allow for anatomic repair to the radial tuberosity. A 50-year-old man had a distal biceps brachii tendon tear with an intact lacertus fibrosis. Surgery was performed 22 days after injury. On inspection, the distal bic…
  • The lacertus fibrosus of the biceps brachii muscle: an anatomical study. [Journal Article]
    Surg Radiol Anat. 2014 Sep; 36(7):713-9.Snoeck O, Lefèvre P, … Van Sint Jan S
  • CONCLUSIONS: Results of this paper indicate that the LF presents individual characteristics such as length and width. The deeper layer of LF was observed on all specimens. The possible role of LF in force transmission during flexion, BBm moment arm adjustment and supination reduction is discussed in view of these results.
  • Multidisciplinary approach to the persistent double distal tendon of the biceps brachii. [Journal Article]
    Surg Radiol Anat. 2014 Jan; 36(1):17-24.Blasi M, de la Fuente J, … Miguel-Pérez M
  • CONCLUSIONS: The connective septum of endotenon located between the two main components of the DBBT is responsible for the US image of two separate tendons and functionally enables it to work as two separate entities, thus allowing respective folding and gliding. The paratenon surrounding the lacertus fibrosus and the DBBT plays an important stabilization role, enabling them to change shape and arrangement during joint motion. It is also an important conduit for nerves and blood vessels.
  • The biceps tendons: From the top and from the bottom. [Journal Article]
    J Ultrasound. 2012 Feb; 15(1):29-38.Brasseur JL
  • The biceps brachii muscle, which inserts proximally onto the scapula and distally onto the forearm, has several tendons with numerous anatomic peculiarities, which render their sonographic examination highly variable. Proximally, the tendon of the short head of the biceps inserts onto the coracoid process and that of the long head on the superior aspect of the glenoid. The distal biceps tendon is…
  • Anatomical study of myofascial continuity in the anterior region of the upper limb. [Journal Article]
    J Bodyw Mov Ther. 2009 Jan; 13(1):53-62.Stecco A, Macchi V, … De Caro R
  • Fifteen unembalmed cadavers were dissected in order to study the "anatomical continuity" between the various muscles involved in the movement of flexion of the upper limb. This study demonstrated the existence of specific myofascial expansions, with a nearly constant pattern, which originate from the flexor muscles and extend to the overlying fascia. The clavicular part of the pectoralis major se…
  • Operative treatment of chronic distal biceps tendon ruptures. [Review]
    Sports Med Arthrosc Rev. 2008 Sep; 16(3):143-7.Hamer MJ, Caputo AE
  • Chronic biceps tendon ruptures typically involve tendon retraction, scarring, and even compromised tissue. Indirect repair, such as tenodesis to the brachialis, does not provide optimal functional recovery. Chronic biceps tendon ruptures can be reconstructed with autogenous grafts (semitendinosis, tensor fascia lata) or allografts (typically Achilles tendon). The complications associated with the…
  • The distal biceps tendon: footprint and relevant clinical anatomy. [Journal Article]
    J Hand Surg Am. 2007 Oct; 32(8):1225-9.Athwal GS, Steinmann SP, Rispoli DM
  • CONCLUSIONS: Landmarks have been identified that will allow anatomic orientation of the distal biceps tendon during operative repair. The distal short head of the biceps tendon has a consistent relationship with the lacertus fibrosus and a distinct insertion on the bicipital tuberosity. The dimensions of the distal biceps tendon footprint have been determined to assist with bone tunnel or suture anchor placement during surgical repair.
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