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13 results
  • Is the chemistry of lawrencium peculiar? [Journal Article]
    Phys Chem Chem Phys 2016; 18(26):17351-5Xu WH, Pyykkö P
  • It is explicitly verified that the atomic 7p(1) ground-state configuration of Lr originates from relativistic effects. Without relativity one has 6d(1). All three ionization potentials IP1-3 of Lr resemble those of Lu. Simple model studies on mono- and trihydrides, monocarbonyls or trichlorides suggest no major chemical differences between Lr and the lanthanides.
  • Recent great impact by an Isotope Separator On-Line (ISOL) in nuclear and radiochemistry. [Review]
    J Med Invest 2016; 63(1-2):19-26Sakama M
  • On April 9 2015, the Letter article titled "Measurement of the first ionization potential of lawrencium, element 103" is now published at News and Views on Nature (2015) which has been performed by our remarkably Japanese colleagues of nuclear and radiochemistry at JAEA (Japan Atomic Energy Agency). In this review, the author will state that the isotope separator on-line (ISOL) our regularly used…
  • Measurement of the first ionization potential of lawrencium, element 103. [Journal Article]
    Nature 2015; 520(7546):209-11Sato TK, Asai M, … Trautmann N
  • The chemical properties of an element are primarily governed by the configuration of electrons in the valence shell. Relativistic effects influence the electronic structure of heavy elements in the sixth row of the periodic table, and these effects increase dramatically in the seventh row--including the actinides--even affecting ground-state configurations. Atomic s and p1/2 orbitals are stabiliz…
  • First successful ionization of Lr (Z = 103) by a surface-ionization technique. [Journal Article]
    Rev Sci Instrum 2013; 84(2):023304Sato TK, Sato N, … Kratz JV
  • We have developed a surface ionization ion-source as part of the JAEA-ISOL (Isotope Separator On-Line) setup, which is coupled to a He/CdI2 gas-jet transport system to determine the first ionization potential of the heaviest actinide lawrencium (Lr, Z = 103). The new ion-source is an improved version of the previous source that provided good ionization efficiencies for lanthanides. An additional …
  • Direct mapping of nuclear shell effects in the heaviest elements. [Journal Article]
    Science 2012; 337(6099):1207-10Minaya Ramirez E, Ackermann D, … Weber C
  • Quantum-mechanical shell effects are expected to strongly enhance nuclear binding on an "island of stability" of superheavy elements. The predicted center at proton number Z = 114, 120, or 126 and neutron number N = 184 has been substantiated by the recent synthesis of new elements up to Z = 118. However, the location of the center and the extension of the island of stability remain vague. High-p…
  • Relativistic correlating basis sets for actinide atoms from 90Th to 103Lr. [Journal Article]
    J Comput Chem 2007; 28(16):2511-6Noro T, Sekiya M, … Matsuyama H
  • For 14 actinide atoms from (90)Th to (103)Lr, contracted Gaussian-type function sets are developed for the description of correlations of the 5f, 6d, and 7s electrons. Basis sets for the 6d orbitals are also prepared, since the orbitals are important in molecular environments despite their vacancy in the ground state of some actinides. A segmented contraction scheme is employed for the compactnes…
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