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320,929 results
  • StatPearls: Neuroanatomy, Visual System, Pupillary Light Reflexes and Pathway [BOOK]
    StatPearls Publishing: Treasure Island (FL) Yoo Hannah H SUNY Upstate Medical University Mihaila Dana M. DM SUNY Upstate Medical University BOOK
  • The visual (retino-thalamocortical) pathway and pupillary light reflex pathway are the two essential ways through which the eye perceives and responds to changes in the environment. Multiple relays of information processing efficiently proceed from the cornea to the brain, and any lesion in the visual or the pupillary reflex pathway may result in visual pathology. 
  • StatPearls: Pseudobulbar Palsy [BOOK]
    StatPearls Publishing: Treasure Island (FL) Saleem Fatima F King Edward Medical University Munakomi Sunil S Kathmandu University BOOK
  • Magnus reported the first case of pseudobulbar palsy in 1837 in a patient having multiple infarcts. Lepine, in 1877 introduced the term pseudobulbar palsy for differentiation purposes. Pseudobulbar palsy is due to an upper motor lesion caused by bilateral disturbance of the corticobulbar tracts. The corticobulbar tracts exert supranuclear control over brainstem motor nuclei and are involved in th…
  • Maternal micro-chimeric cells in the multiple sclerosis brain. [Journal Article]
    Mult Scler Relat Disord 2020; 40:101925Snethen H, Ye J, … Scolding NJ
  • Maternal microchimeric cells (MMC) pass across the placenta from a mother to her baby during pregnancy. MMC have been identified in healthy adults, but have been reported to be more frequent and at a higher concentration in individuals with autoimmune diseases. MMC in brain tissue from individuals with autoimmune neurological disease has never previously been explored. The present study aims to i…
  • Introducing GIST and Dieulafoy - Think of Them in GI Bleeding and Anemia. [Journal Article]
    S D Med 2019; 72(11):528-530Zamulko OY, Zamulko AO, Dawson MJ
  • Common presentations of gastrointestinal bleeding include hematemesis, melena, and history of dizziness, fatigue, or syncope; yet, bleeds may present in many uncommon ways. This review discusses two cases of gastrointestinal bleeds (GIBs) in middle-aged female patients who presented with anemia and recurrent unexplained GIBs. Both patients were misdiagnosed for several years before the cause of t…
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