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5,645 results
  • Transcriptional Profiling of Individual Airway Projecting Vagal Sensory Neurons. [Journal Article]
    Mol Neurobiol 2019Mazzone SB, Tian L, … McGovern AE
  • Bronchopulmonary sensory neurons are derived from the vagal sensory ganglia and are essential for monitoring the physical and chemical environment of the airways and lungs. Subtypes are heterogenous in their responsiveness to stimuli, phenotype, and developmental origin, but they collectively serve to regulate normal respiratory and pulmonary processes and elicit a diverse range of defensive phys…
  • The influence of space and time on the establishment of B cell identity. [Review]
    Biomed J 2019; 42(4):209-217Elsaid R, Yang J, Cumano A
  • During embryonic development multiple waves of hematopoietic progenitors with distinct lineage potential are differentially regulated in time and space. Consistent with this view, some specialized lymphocytes emerge during a limited time-window in embryogenesis and migrate to the tissues where they contribute to organogenesis and to tissue homeostasis. These cells are not constantly produced by b…
  • Blastula stage specification of avian neural crest. [Journal Article]
    Dev Biol 2019Prasad MS, Uribe-Querol E, … García-Castro MI
  • Cell fate specification defines the earliest steps towards a distinct cell lineage. Neural crest, a multipotent stem cell population, is thought to be specified from the ectoderm, but its varied contributions defy canons of segregation potential and challenges its embryonic origin. Aiming to resolve this conflict, we have assayed the earliest specification of neural crest using blastula stage chi…
  • Resolving the fibrotic niche of human liver cirrhosis at single-cell level. [Journal Article]
    Nature 2019Ramachandran P, Dobie R, … Henderson NC
  • Currently there are no effective antifibrotic therapies for liver cirrhosis, a major killer worldwide. To obtain a cellular resolution of directly relevant pathogenesis and to inform therapeutic design, we profile the transcriptomes of over 100,000 human single cells, yielding molecular definitions for non-parenchymal cell types present in healthy and cirrhotic human liver. We uncover a novel sca…
  • Alveolar progenitor cells in the mammary gland are dependent on the β4 integrin. [Journal Article]
    Dev Biol 2019Walker MR, Amante JJ, … Mercurio AM
  • Understanding how progenitor cell function is regulated in the mammary gland is an important developmental problem that has significant implications for breast cancer. Although it had been assumed that the expression the α6β4 integrin (β4) is restricted to the basal lineage, we report that alveolar progenitor cells in the mouse mammary gland also express this integrin based on analysis of single …
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