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67 results
  • The Hindlimb Myology of Tyto alba (Tytonidae, Strigiformes, Aves). [Journal Article]
    Anat Histol Embryol 2017; 46(1):25-32Mosto MC
  • This work is the first myological dissection performed in detail on the hindlimb of Tyto alba. Six specimens were dissected and their muscle masses were obtained. T. alba has the classical myological pattern present in other species of Strigiformes, such as a well-developed m. flexor digitorum longus and the absence of the m. plantaris, flexor cruris lateralis and ambiens. Also, T. alba lacks the…
  • [The anatomical basis of the formation of the pedicled bone grafts on the upper extremity]. [Journal Article]
    Morfologiia 2014; 146(4):69-74Gaĭvoronskiĭ IV, Mikitiuk SI, Gubochkin NG
  • The study of the vascular bed of the upper extremities was performed by the method of anatomical preparation of 24 formalin-fixed cadaver specimens from 5 men and 7 women and by the injection of black latex into the arterial bed of 4 male and 4 female cadavers (16 specimens). The arteries, directly feeding the bones, and the arteries that provide blood supply to the muscles, attached to the bones…
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