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171,464 results
  • Expression of coagulin A with low cytotoxic activity by Pediococcus pentosaceus ST65ACC isolated from raw milk cheese. [Journal Article]
    J Appl Microbiol 2019Todorov SD, Cavicchioli VQ, … Ivanova IV
  • CONCLUSIONS: The bacteriocin produced by P. pentosaceus ST65ACC is similar to coagulin, with low cytotoxicity, strong antimicrobial activity and possible additional metabolite routes in the producer cell. In addition to MRS broth, bacteriocin was produced also in medium containing XOS (as the single carbon source).To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of evaluation of the role of ABC transporters in the expression of bacteriocin by P. pentosaceus, cultured in MRS and XOS.
  • Epidemiology of weight loss, malnutrition and sarcopenia: a transatlantic view. [Review]
    Nutrition 2019; 69:110581Schneider SM, Correia MITD
  • Malnutrition is a common comorbidity in patients with cancer, with determinants linked to the patients, the tumor, and the treatment. Cancer malnutrition, also called cachexia, represents the chronic form of disease-related malnutrition with chronic inflammation, and strongly impairs the prognosis. Reduced muscle mass, otherwise called sarcopenia in these patients, is a feature of malnutrition an…
  • Material properties and cell compatibility of poly (γ-glutamic acid)-keratin hydrogels. [Journal Article]
    Int J Biol Macromol 2019Ijadi Bajestani M, Kader S, … Jafari A
  • Given the great demand for biopolymer and protein-based products from renewable resources, synthesis of a keratin-based hydrogel is presented herein. In this work, a novel hydrogel of Poly (γ-glutamic acid) (γ-PGA) and keratin was synthesized through facile EDC·HCl/HOBt chemistry. Since keratin main chain is rich in amino side groups, carboxyl groups in γ-PGA were crosslinked with multi terminate…
  • Increased BMI has a linear association with late-onset preeclampsia: A population-based study. [Journal Article]
    PLoS One 2019; 14(10):e0223888Robillard PY, Dekker G, … Hulsey TC
  • CONCLUSIONS: Metabolic factors, other than diabetes, associated with pre-pregnancy maternal corpulence are specifically associated with LOP. This may be a direction for future researches on the maternal preeclamptic syndrome. This may explain the discrepancy we are facing nowadays where high-income countries report 90% of their preeclampsia being LOP, while it is only 60-70% in medium-low income countries.
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