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5 results
  • Modeling stochastic kinetics of molecular machines at multiple levels: from molecules to modules. [Review]
    Biophys J 2013; 104(11):2331-41Chowdhury D
  • A molecular machine is either a single macromolecule or a macromolecular complex. In spite of the striking superficial similarities between these natural nanomachines and their man-made macroscopic counterparts, there are crucial differences. Molecular machines in a living cell operate stochastically in an isothermal environment far from thermodynamic equilibrium. In this mini-review we present a…
  • Restitutio ad integrum: a dream or a real possibility? [Journal Article]
    Nephrol Dial Transplant 2013; 28(11):2682-7Goligorsky MS
  • The subject of organ regeneration has attracted substantial investigative attention and has been extensively reviewed. Therefore, I shall focus on several only recently emerged issues and on those aspects of stem cell-mediated regeneration which, although are important in my opinion, have nevertheless evaded the radar of scientific pursuit. Specifically, I shall describe the recent work on the pr…
  • Mechanical modulation of nascent stem cell lineage commitment in tissue engineering scaffolds. [Journal Article]
    Biomaterials 2013; 34(23):5766-75Song MJ, Dean D, Knothe Tate ML
  • Taking inspiration from tissue morphogenesis in utero, this study tests the concept of using tissue engineering scaffolds as delivery devices to modulate emergent structure-function relationships at early stages of tissue genesis. We report on the use of a combined computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling, advanced manufacturing methods, and experimental fluid mechanics (micro-piv and strain m…
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