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264 results
  • Biomechanical Considerations in Rearfoot Fusions. [Review]
    Clin Podiatr Med Surg 2020; 37(1):117-123Schoenhaus HD
  • This article discusses rearfoot fusions for foot and ankle surgeons. It establishes normal foot and ankle function primarily in the stance phase of gait. The foot is greatly affected by external and internal forces, which contribute to normal function or the need for compensatory mechanisms. As a result of compensation, many symptoms develop, often leading to debilitating disorders such as degene…
  • Ankle and midtarsal joint quasi-stiffness during walking with added mass. [Journal Article]
    PeerJ 2019; 7:e7487Kern AM, Papachatzis N, … Takahashi KZ
  • Examination of how the ankle and midtarsal joints modulate stiffness in response to increased force demand will aid understanding of overall limb function and inform the development of bio-inspired assistive and robotic devices. The purpose of this study is to identify how ankle and midtarsal joint quasi-stiffness are affected by added body mass during over-ground walking. Healthy participants wa…
  • Skeletal kinematics of the midtarsal joint during walking: Midtarsal joint locking revisited. [Journal Article]
    J Biomech 2019; 95:109287Phan CB, Shin G, … Koo S
  • The kinematics of the human foot complex have been investigated to understand the weight bearing mechanism of the foot. This study aims to investigate midtarsal joint locking during walking by noninvasively measuring the movements of foot bones using a high-speed bi-planar fluoroscopic system. Eighteen healthy subjects volunteered for the study; the subjects underwent computed tomography imaging …
  • Normal Anatomy and Traumatic Injury of the Midtarsal (Chopart) Joint Complex: An Imaging Primer. [Journal Article]
    Radiographics 2019 Jan-Feb; 39(1):136-152Walter WR, Hirschmann A, … Rosenberg ZS
  • The midtarsal (Chopart) joint complex consists of the talonavicular and calcaneocuboid joints and their stabilizing ligaments. Detailed assessment of this complex at MRI can be challenging owing to frequent anatomic variation and the small size of the structures involved. Nevertheless, a wide spectrum of pathologic conditions affect the joint complex, and its imaging evaluation deserves more thor…
  • Effect of plano-valgus foot posture on midfoot kinematics during barefoot walking in an adolescent population. [Journal Article]
    J Foot Ankle Res 2018; 11:55Caravaggi P, Sforza C, … Panou A
  • CONCLUSIONS: Significant postural and kinematic alterations are present at the midtarsal and tarso-metarsal joints of adolescents with plano-valgus feet. Objective identification and quantification of plano-valgus foot alterations, via non-invasive gait-analysis, is relevant to improving the diagnosis of this condition and to evaluating the effect of conservative treatments and of surgical corrections by different techniques.
  • The Role of the Midfoot in Drop Landings. [Journal Article]
    Med Sci Sports Exerc 2019; 51(1):114-122Olsen MT, Bruening DA, … Ridge ST
  • CONCLUSIONS: The midfoot contributes substantially to landing mechanics during a barefoot single-leg landing task. Static foot posture measures have limited value in predicting midfoot kinematics and kinetics during sportlike landings.
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