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1,385 results
  • Antiprotozoal activities of marine polyether triterpenoids. [Journal Article]
    Bioorg Chem 2019; 92:103276Díaz-Marrero AR, López-Arencibia A, … Fernández JJ
  • Chagas disease and leishmaniasis are tropical neglected diseases caused by kinetoplastids protozoan parasites of Trypanosoma and Leishmania genera, and a public health burden with high morbidity and mortality rates in developing countries. Among difficulties with their epidemiological control, a major problem is their limited and toxic treatments to attend the affected populations; therefore, new…
  • Multi-target drugs active against leishmaniasis: A paradigm of drug repurposing. [Journal Article]
    Eur J Med Chem 2019; 183:111660Braga SS
  • This mini-review focuses on leishmanicidal drugs that were sourced from small molecules previously approved for other diseases. The mechanisms of action of these molecules are herein explored, to probe the origins of their inter-species growth inhibitory activities. It is shown how the transversal action of the azoles - fluconazole, posaconazole and itraconazole - in both fungi and Leishmania is …
  • Evaluation of synergy between host and pathogen-directed therapies against intracellular Leishmania donovani. [Journal Article]
    Int J Parasitol Drugs Drug Resist 2019; 10:125-132Zahid MSH, Johnson MM, … Ainslie KM
  • Visceral leishmaniasis (VL) is associated with treatment complications due to the continued growth of resistant parasites toward currently available pathogen-directed therapeutics. To limit the emergence and combat resistant parasites there is a need to develop new anti-leishmanial drugs and alternative treatment approaches, such as host-directed therapeutics (HDTs). Discovery of new anti-leishma…
  • Metabolic labelling of choline phospholipids probes ABCA3 transport in lamellar bodies. [Journal Article]
    Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Cell Biol Lipids 2019; 1864(12):158516Li Y, Kinting S, … Griese M
  • In the metabolism of pulmonary surfactant, the ATP-binding cassette sub-family A member 3 (ABCA3) is a crucial protein in the formation of the storage compartment for surfactant, the lamellar body (LB), and the transport of phospholipids in it. Mutations in ABCA3 not only disturb surfactant metabolism but also cause chronic interstitial lung diseases. Assays for ABCA3 transport function are neede…
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