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136 results
  • Portable Battery Power and Small-Reservoir Modifications For Pesticide Misting Systems. [Journal Article]
    J Am Mosq Control Assoc 2018; 34(3):240-243Aldridge RL, Britch SC, Linthicum KJ
  • United States military personnel deployed in austere hot-arid, temperate, and tropical conditions in remote locations worldwide rely on the Department of Defense (DoD) Pest Management System measures such as application of pesticide residual and ultra-low-volume or thermal fog treatments for protection from routine exposure to nuisance and disease-vector insects. Timed pesticide misting systems o…
  • Projected heat stress challenges and abatement opportunities for U.S. milk production. [Journal Article]
    PLoS One 2019; 14(3):e0214665Gunn KM, Holly MA, … Stoner AMK
  • Cost-effective heat mitigation strategies are imperative for maintaining milk production and dairy farm profitability in the U.S. with projected climate change. This study investigated the cost-effectiveness of four heat abatement strategies, including Minimal (open barn or shading), Moderate (forced ventilation), High (fans and misting), and Intense (air conditioning). Heat stress and subsequent…
  • Acinetobacter - the trojan horse of infection control? [Journal Article]
    J Hosp Infect 2019; 102(1):45-53Teare L, Martin N, … Hoffman P
  • CONCLUSIONS: In an outbreak where contact precautions and environmental cleaning are optimal, it is important to give careful consideration to other mechanisms of spread. If there is a failure to do this, it is likely that the true causes of transmission will not be addressed and the problem will recur. It is recommended that burn theatres within burn facilities should be designed to operate at negative pressure; this is the opposite of normal operating theatre ventilation. Where showers are used, both the shower head and the hose should be changed after a patient with a resistant organism. The role of non-contact disinfection (e.g. hydrogen peroxide dispersal) should be reconsidered, and constant vigilance should be given to any 'trojan horse' item in the room.
  • Reducing Lead and Silica Dust Exposures in Small-Scale Mining in Northern Nigeria. [Journal Article]
    Ann Work Expo Health 2019; 63(1):1-8Gottesfeld P, Tirima S, … Nota MM
  • CONCLUSIONS: This pilot project has been successful in working cooperatively with miners to provide them with the necessary information and tools to reduce exposures in mining and processing, and minimize off-site contamination. As silica dust is a significant risk factor for silicosis and tuberculosis (TB), this intervention could provide public health benefits to small-scale mining communities even in areas without significant lead concentrations in the ore. Significant reductions in respirable silica and lead exposures are feasible in low-resource, small-scale mining communities.
  • Factors Affecting Trailer Thermal Environment Experienced by Market Pigs Transported in the US. [Journal Article]
    Animals (Basel) 2018; 8(11)Xiong Y, Gates RS, Green-Miller AR
  • Extreme weather conditions challenge pig thermoregulation during transport and are addressed by the National Pork Board (NPB) Transport Quality Assurance® (TQA) program that provides guidelines for trailer boarding, bedding, and misting. These guidelines are widely applied, yet very little is known about the microenvironment within the trailer. In this study, TQA guidelines (V4) were evaluated vi…
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