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5 results
  • Heterotopic nerve transfers: recent trends with expanding indication. [Review]
    J Hand Surg Am 2007; 32(3):397-408Wood MB, Murray PM
  • There has been increasing enthusiasm for heterotopic nerve transfers for brachial plexus palsy as well as peripheral mononeural dysfunction. The concept of nerve transfer surgery is not new; the first publications on the topic date back to the early 1900s. A wide variety of potential donor nerves are available including the intercostal nerves, the spinal accessory nerve, the phrenic nerve, the ip…
  • Development of postural muscles and their innervation. [Review]
    Neural Plast 2005; 12(2-3):141-51; discussion 263-72Ijkema-Paassen J, Gramsbergen A
  • Control of posture is a prerequisite for efficient motor performance. Posture depends on muscles capable of enduring contractions, whereas movements often require quick, forceful muscle actions. To serve these different goals, muscles contain fibers that meet these different tasks. Muscles with strong postural functions mainly consist of slow muscle fibers with a great resistance against fatigue.…
  • Competition in the development of nerve connections: a review of models. [Review]
    Network 2001; 12(1):R1-47van Ooyen A
  • The establishment and refinement of neural circuits involve both the formation of new connections and the elimination of already existing connections. Elimination of connections occurs, for example, in the development of mononeural innervation of muscle fibres and in the formation of ocular dominance columns in the visual cortex. The process that leads to the elimination of connections is often r…
  • Nerve conduction studies show no exclusive ulnar or median innervation of the ring finger. [Journal Article]
    Clin Neurophysiol 1999; 110(8):1492-7Laroy V, Spaans F, Reulen J
  • In 2047 hands of 1260 patients referred for an analysis of their brachialgia, distal antidromic sensory conduction was investigated in the median and ulnar nerves. No median sensory nerve action potentials (SNAPs) were obtained from the ring finger (D4) in 257 hands, while ulnar D4 SNAPs were lacking in 38 hands. An obvious lesion of the relevant nerve could be demonstrated in each of these cases…
  • Regression of polyneural innervation in the human psoas muscle. [Journal Article]
    Early Hum Dev 1997; 49(1):49-61Gramsbergen A, IJkema-Paassen J, … Hadders-Algra M
  • During the early stages of mammalian ontogeny muscle fibres are innervated by more than one axon. This polyneural innervation is replaced by mononeural innervation in the course of development. The regression of polyneural innervation in the psoas muscle in the human is the topic of the present study. Innervation patterns were studied in fetuses from 15 1/2 weeks of post menstrual age (PMA) and i…
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