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(muscle fiber)
23,970 results
  • Small fiber neuropathy in unexpected clinical settings: a review. [Review]
    Muscle Nerve 2020Ghasemi M, Rajabally YA
  • Small fiber neuropathy (SFN) is being recognized with increasing frequency in neuromuscular practice due to improved diagnostic techniques. Although there are some common etiologies, up to one-third of cases are considered idiopathic. In recent years, several disorders have unexpectedly been reported in association with SFN, on clinical grounds and complementary investigations, including quantita…
  • Mitochondrial Mechanisms of Neuromuscular Junction Degeneration with Aging. [Review]
    Cells 2020; 9(1)Anagnostou ME, Hepple RT
  • Skeletal muscle deteriorates with aging, contributing to physical frailty, poor health outcomes, and increased risk of mortality. Denervation is a major driver of changes in aging muscle. This occurs through transient denervation-reinnervation events throughout the aging process that remodel the spatial domain of motor units and alter fiber type. In advanced age, reinnervation wanes, leading to p…
  • Single-cell transcriptional profiles in human skeletal muscle. [Journal Article]
    Sci Rep 2020; 10(1):229Rubenstein AB, Smith GR, … Sealfon SC
  • Skeletal muscle is a heterogeneous tissue comprised of muscle fiber and mononuclear cell types that, in addition to movement, influences immunity, metabolism and cognition. We investigated the gene expression patterns of skeletal muscle cells using RNA-seq of subtype-pooled single human muscle fibers and single cell RNA-seq of mononuclear cells from human vastus lateralis, mouse quadriceps, and m…
  • Locomotor muscle morphology of three species of pelagic delphinids. [Journal Article]
    J Morphol 2020; 281(2):170-182Kroeger JP, McLellan WA, … Pabst DA
  • The locomotor muscle morphology of diving mammals yields insights into how they utilize their environment and partition resources. This study examined a primary locomotor muscle, the longissimus, in three closely related, similarly sized pelagic delphinids (n = 7-9 adults of each species) that exhibit different habitat and depth preferences. The Atlantic spotted dolphin (Stenella frontalis) is a …
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