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40,609 results
  • Coordination of Embryogenesis by the Centrosome in Drosophila melanogaster. [Journal Article]
    Results Probl Cell Differ 2019; 67:277-321Blake-Hedges C, Megraw TL
  • The first 3 h of Drosophila melanogaster embryo development are exemplified by rapid nuclear divisions within a large syncytium, transforming the zygote to the cellular blastoderm after 13 successive cleavage divisions. As the syncytial embryo develops, it relies on centrosomes and cytoskeletal dynamics to transport nuclei, maintain uniform nuclear distribution throughout cleavage cycles, ensure …
  • Centriole Positioning: Not Just a Little Dot in the Cell. [Journal Article]
    Results Probl Cell Differ 2019; 67:201-221Roman AC, Garrido-Jimenez S, … Carvajal-Gonzalez JM
  • Organelle positioning as many other morphological parameters in a cell is not random. Centriole positioning as centrosomes or ciliary basal bodies is not an exception to this rule in cell biology. Indeed, centriole positioning is a tightly regulated process that occurs during development, and it is critical for many organs to function properly, not just during development but also in the adulthoo…
  • RhoA Pathway and Actin Regulation of the Golgi/Centriole Complex. [Journal Article]
    Results Probl Cell Differ 2019; 67:81-93Kloc M, Uosef A, … Ghobrial RM
  • In vertebrate cells, the Golgi apparatus is located in close proximity to the centriole. The architecture of the Golgi/centriole complex depends on a multitude of factors, including the actin filament cytoskeleton. In turn, both the Golgi and centriole act as the actin nucleation centers. Actin organization and polymerization also depend on the small GTPase RhoA pathway. In this chapter, we summa…
  • Involvement of Actin in Autophagy and Autophagy-Dependent Multidrug Resistance in Cancer. [Review]
    Cancers (Basel) 2019; 11(8)Izdebska M, Zielińska W, … Grzanka A
  • Currently, autophagy in the context of cancer progression arouses a lot of controversy. It is connected with the possibility of switching the nature of this process from cytotoxic to cytoprotective and vice versa depending on the treatment. At the same time, autophagy of cytoprotective character may be one of the factors determining multidrug resistance, as intensification of the process is obser…
  • Distribution of active forces in the cell cortex. [Journal Article]
    Soft Matter 2019Bohec P, Tailleur J, … Gallet F
  • In this work, we study in detail the distribution of stochastic forces generated by the molecular motors activity, in the actin cortex of pre-muscular cells. By combining active and passive rheology experiments, performed on the same micro-bead bound to the actin network through membrane adhesive receptors, we measure the auto-correlation function Cff(τ) of the average force pulling on the bead. …
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