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  • Polycystin-1 regulates ARHGAP35-dependent centrosomal RhoA activation and ROCK signalling. [Journal Article]
    JCI Insight. 2020 Jul 14 [Online ahead of print]Streets AJ, Prosseda PP, Ong AC
  • Mutations in PKD1 (encoding for Polycystin-1, PC1) are found in 80-85% of patients with ADPKD. We tested the hypothesis that changes in actin dynamics result from PKD1 mutations through dysregulation of compartmentalised centrosomal RhoA signalling mediated by specific RhoGAP (ARHGAP) proteins resulting in the complex cellular cystic phenotype. Initial studies revealed that the actin cytoskeleton…
  • Profilin: many facets of a small protein. [Review]
    Biophys Rev. 2020 Jul 13 [Online ahead of print]Davey RJ, Moens PD
  • Profilin is a ubiquitously expressed protein well known as a key regulator of actin polymerisation. The actin cytoskeleton is involved in almost all cellular processes including motility, endocytosis, metabolism, signal transduction and gene transcription. Hence, profilin's role in the cell goes beyond its direct and essential function in regulating actin dynamics. This review will focus on the i…
  • Transcription factor 21 expression in injured podocytes of glomerular diseases. [Journal Article]
    Sci Rep. 2020 Jul 13; 10(1):11516.Usui J, Yaguchi M, … Yamagata K
  • Transcription factor 21 (TCF21) is one of the essential transcription factors in kidney development. To elucidate its influence on glomerular disease, we have investigated TCF21 expression in human and rat kidney tissue, and its urinary concentration. Immunohistological analysis suggested the highest TCF21 expression in nephrotic syndrome along with the urinary protein level. Urinary TCF21 concen…
  • The first DEP domain of the RhoGEF P-Rex1 autoinhibits activity andcontributes to membrane binding. [Journal Article]
    J Biol Chem. 2020 Jul 13 [Online ahead of print]Ravala SK, Hopkins JB, … Tesmer JJG
  • Phosphatidylinositol 3,4,5-trisphosphate (PIP3)-dependent Rac exchanger 1 (P-Rex1) catalyzes the exchange of GDP for GTP on Rac GTPases, thereby triggering changes in the actin cytoskeleton and in transcription. Its overexpression is highly correlated with the metastasis of certain cancers. P-Rex1 recruitment to the plasma membrane and its activity are regulated via interactions with heterotrimer…
  • MicroRNA Regulatory Pathways in the Control of the Actin-Myosin Cytoskeleton. [Review]
    Cells. 2020 Jul 09; 9(7)Uray K, Major E, Lontay B
  • MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are key modulators of post-transcriptional gene regulation in a plethora of processes, including actin-myosin cytoskeleton dynamics. Recent evidence points to the widespread effects of miRNAs on actin-myosin cytoskeleton dynamics, either directly on the expression of actin and myosin genes or indirectly on the diverse signaling cascades modulating cytoskeletal arrangement. Furt…
  • LIMK, Cofilin 1 and actin dynamics involvement in fear memory processing. [Journal Article]
    Neurobiol Learn Mem. 2020 Jul 10 [Online ahead of print]Medina C, de la Fuente V, … Romano A
  • Long-term memory has been associated with morphological changes in the brain, which in turn tightly correlate with changes in synaptic efficacy. Such plasticity is proposed to rely on dendritic spines as a neuronal canvas on which these changes can occur. Given the key role of actin cytoskeleton dynamics in spine morphology, major regulating factors of this process such as Cofilin 1 (Cfl1) and LI…
  • Anthrax Protective Antigen 63 (PA63): Toxic Effects in Neural Cultures and Role in Gulf War Illness (GWI). [Journal Article]
    Neurosci Insights. 2020; 15:2633105520931966.Tsilibary EC, Souto EP, … Georgopoulos AP
  • Protective antigen (PA) 63 (PA63) is a protein derived from the PA83 component contained in the anthrax vaccine. The anthrax vaccine ("Biothrax") was administered together with other vaccines to Gulf War veterans, about 35% of whom later developed a multisymptom disease (Gulf War Illness [GWI]), with prominent neurological/cognitive/mood symptoms, among others. The disease has been traditionally …
  • The Recombinant Form of Trypanosoma cruzi P21 Controls Infection by Modulating Host Immune Response. [Journal Article]
    Front Immunol. 2020; 11:1010.Martins FA, Dos Santos MA, … da Silva CV
  • Trypanosoma cruzi P21 protein (P21) is a putative secreted and immunomodulatory molecule with potent bioactive properties such as induction of phagocytosis and actin cytoskeleton polymerization. Despite the bioactive properties described so far, the action of P21 on parasite replication in muscle cell lineage or T. cruzi parasitism during acute experimental infection is unclear. We observed that …
  • Palmitoylated Proteins in Dendritic Spine Remodeling. [Journal Article]
    Front Synaptic Neurosci. 2020; 12:22.Albanesi JP, Barylko B, … Jameson DM
  • Activity-responsive changes in the actin cytoskeleton are required for the biogenesis, motility, and remodeling of dendritic spines. These changes are governed by proteins that regulate the polymerization, depolymerization, bundling, and branching of actin filaments. Thus, processes that have been extensively characterized in the context of non-neuronal cell shape change and migration are also cr…
  • A cytoskeleton regulator AVIL drives tumorigenesis in glioblastoma. [Journal Article]
    Nat Commun. 2020 Jul 10; 11(1):3457.Xie Z, Janczyk PŁ, … Li H
  • Glioblastoma is a deadly cancer, with no effective therapies. Better understanding and identification of selective targets are urgently needed. We found that advillin (AVIL) is overexpressed in all the glioblastomas we tested including glioblastoma stem/initiating cells, but hardly detectable in non-neoplastic astrocytes, neural stem cells or normal brain. Glioma patients with increased AVIL expr…
  • Radiosensitization by kinase inhibition revealed by phosphoproteomic analysis of pancreatic cancer cells. [Journal Article]
    Mol Cell Proteomics. 2020 Jul 10 [Online ahead of print]Wiechmann S, Saupp E, … Dobiasch S
  • Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is one of the most aggressive cancers and known for its extensive genetic heterogeneity, high therapeutic resistance and strong variation in intrinsic radiosensitivity. In order to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying radioresistance, we screened the phenotypic response of 38 PDAC cell lines to ionizing radiation. Subsequent phosphoproteomic analy…
  • Cytoskeletal and Actin-Based Polymerization Motors and Their Role in Minimal Cell Design. [Review]
    Adv Biosyst. 2019 Jun; 3(6):e1800311.Hürtgen D, Vogel SK, Schwille P
  • Life implies motion. In cells, protein-based active molecular machines drive cell locomotion and intracellular transport, control cell shape, segregate genetic material, and split a cell in two parts. Key players among molecular machines driving these various cell functions are the cytoskeleton and motor proteins that convert chemical bound energy into mechanical work. Findings over the last deca…
  • High-Content Analysis of Cell Migration Dynamics within a Micropatterned Screening Platform. [Journal Article]
    Adv Biosyst. 2019 Aug; 3(8):e1900011.Almeida FV, Gammon L, … Connelly JT
  • Cell migration is a fundamental biological process that is dynamically regulated by complex interactions between the microenvironment and intrinsic gene expression programs. Here, a high-throughput cell migration assay is developed using micropatterned and dynamically adhesive polymer brush substrates, which support highly precise and consistent control over cell-matrix interactions within a 96-w…
  • Layered Double Hydroxides Are Promising Nanomaterials for Tissue Bioengineering Application. [Journal Article]
    Adv Biosyst. 2019 Jul; 3(7):e1800238.Jr da Costa Fernandes C, Pinto TS, … Zambuzzi WF
  • Layered double hydroxides (LDHs) have emerged as promising nanomaterials for human health and although it has achieved some progress on this matter, their application within bioengineering is not fully addressed. This prompted to subject fibroblasts to two compositions of LDHs (Mg2 Al-Cl and Zn2 Al-Cl), considering an acute response. First, LDH particles are addressed by scanning electron microsc…
  • 3D Microenvironment Stiffness Regulates Tumor Spheroid Growth and Mechanics via p21 and ROCK. [Journal Article]
    Adv Biosyst. 2019 Sep; 3(9):e1900128.Taubenberger AV, Girardo S, … Guck J
  • The mechanical properties of cancer cells and their microenvironment contribute to breast cancer progression. While mechanosensing has been extensively studied using 2D substrates, much less is known about it in a physiologically more relevant 3D context. Here it is demonstrated that breast cancer tumor spheroids, growing in 3D polyethylene glycol-heparin hydrogels, are sensitive to their environ…
  • The WAVE Regulatory Complex Is Required to Balance Protrusion and Adhesion in Migration. [Journal Article]
    Cells. 2020 Jul 07; 9(7)Whitelaw JA, Swaminathan K, … Machesky LM
  • Cells migrating over 2D substrates are required to polymerise actin at the leading edge to form lamellipodia protrusions and nascent adhesions to anchor the protrusion to the substrate. The major actin nucleator in lamellipodia formation is the Arp2/3 complex, which is activated by the WAVE regulatory complex (WRC). Using inducible Nckap1 floxed mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs), we confirm that…
  • Tuning intermediate filament mechanics by variation of pH and ion charges. [Journal Article]
    Nanoscale. 2020 Jul 09 [Online ahead of print]Schepers AV, Lorenz C, Köster S
  • The cytoskeleton is formed by three types of filamentous proteins - microtubules, actin filaments, and intermediate filaments (IFs) - and enables cells to withstand external and internal forces. Vimentin is the most abundant IF protein in humans and assembles into 10 nm diameter filaments with remarkable mechanical properties, such as high extensibility and stability. It is, however, unclear to w…
  • Cytoskeletal organization in isolated plant cells under geometry control. [Journal Article]
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2020 Jul 08 [Online ahead of print]Durand-Smet P, Spelman TA, … Jönsson H
  • The cytoskeleton plays a key role in establishing robust cell shape. In animals, it is well established that cell shape can also influence cytoskeletal organization. Cytoskeletal proteins are well conserved between animal and plant kingdoms; nevertheless, because plant cells exhibit major structural differences to animal cells, the question arises whether the plant cytoskeleton also responds to g…
  • Kinase-Independent Functions of MASTL in Cancer: A New Perspective on MASTL Targeting. [Journal Article]
    Cells. 2020 Jul 06; 9(7)Conway JRW, Närvä E, … Ivaska J
  • Microtubule-associated serine/threonine kinase-like (MASTL; Greatwall) is a well-characterized kinase, whose catalytic role has been extensively studied in relation to cell-cycle acceleration. Importantly, MASTL has been implicated to play a substantial role in cancer progression and subsequent studies have shown that MASTL is a significant regulator of the cellular actomyosin cytoskeleton. Sever…
  • Visualizing the in vitro assembly of tropomyosin/actin filaments using TIRF microscopy. [Review]
    Biophys Rev. 2020 Jul 07 [Online ahead of print]Janco M, Dedova I, … Gunning PW
  • Tropomyosins are elongated alpha-helical proteins that form co-polymers with most actin filaments within a cell and play important roles in the structural and functional diversification of the actin cytoskeleton. How the assembly of tropomyosins along an actin filament is regulated and the kinetics of tropomyosin association with an actin filament is yet to be fully determined. A recent series of…
  • Identification of hub genes involved in apparent metabolizable energy of chickens. [Journal Article]
    Anim Biotechnol. 2020 Jul 07 [Online ahead of print]Pezeshkian Z, Mirhoseini SZ, Ghovvati S
  • Feed efficiency is one of the most economically significant traits in a breeding program. Apparent metabolizable energy is the most used method to evaluate energy utilization for feed efficiency. The purpose of this study was to identify candidate genes of chickens with divergent apparent metabolizable energy by bioinformatics analysis. The gene expression profile of duodenal of the highest and l…
  • C. elegans flamingo FMI-1 controls dendrite self-avoidance through F-actin assembly. [Journal Article]
    Development. 2020 Jul 06 [Online ahead of print]Hsu HW, Liao CP, … Pan CL
  • Self-avoidance is a conserved mechanism that prevents crossover between sister dendrites from the same neuron, ensuring proper functioning of the neuronal circuits. Several adhesion molecules are known to be important for dendrite self-avoidance, but the underlying molecular mechanisms are incompletely defined. Here we show that FMI-1/Flamingo, an atypical cadherin, is required autonomously for s…
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