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85 results
  • LiverTox: Clinical and Research Information on Drug-Induced Liver Injury: Necitumumab [BOOK]
    National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases: Bethesda (MD)BOOK
  • Necitumumab is a human monoclonal antibody to the epidermal growth factor (EGF) receptor and is an anti-angiogenesis agent used in the therapy of advanced non-small cell lung cancer. Necitumumab has not been linked to serum enzyme elevations during therapy or to idiosyncratic acute liver injury.
  • The people behind the papers - Elena Popa and Abigail Tucker. [Interview]
    Development 2019; 146(3)
  • While many vertebrates have multiple sets of teeth over their lifetime, some, like humans, have just a single set of replacement teeth (diphydonty), while others, like mice, manage with a single set (monophydonty). This diversity raises both evolutionary questions - how did different tooth replacement strategies evolve? - and developmental ones - what mechanisms prevent replacement teeth in anima…
  • Necitumumab for the treatment of advanced non-small-cell lung cancer. [Review]
    Future Oncol 2019; 15(7):705-716Díaz-Serrano A, Sánchez-Torre A, Paz-Ares L
  • Personalized patient-precise medicine is being gradually incorporated into clinical practice for the treatment of non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The EGFR pathway has been explored as a druggable target with monoclonal antibodies such as cetuximab or necitumumab. Necitumumab is a humanized IgG1 anti-EGFR. In the Phase III SQUIRE trial, necitumumab used as first-line therapy in combination wit…
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