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52 results
  • Arrest and Prosecution of Animal Sex Abuse (Bestiality) Offenders in the United States, 1975-2015. [Journal Article]
    J Am Acad Psychiatry Law 2019; 47(3):335-346Edwards MJ
  • Bestiality is an uncomfortable topic about which there is limited scientific literature. Prevalence research has focused on self-reported acts, and no research has established the actual frequency and nature of deliberate sex acts with animals. This quantitative, descriptive study examined 456 arrests for bestiality-related incidents in the United States from 1975 to 2015 to explore patterns of o…
  • Occurrence and variability of tactile interactions between wild American crows and dead conspecifics. [Journal Article]
    Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci 2018; 373(1754)Swift K, Marzluff JM
  • Observations of some mammals and birds touching their dead provoke questions about the motivation and adaptive value of this potentially risky behaviour. Here, we use controlled experiments to determine if tactile interactions are characteristic of wild American crow responses to dead crows, and what the prevalence and nature of tactile interactions suggests about their motivations. In Experiment…
  • Homicide concealed strangulation after bobbing reins in sexually sadistic homicide. [Journal Article]
    Med Leg J 2018; 86(1):55-57Chauhan M, Pradhan M, … Dogra TD
  • This case of sexually motivated homicide combined the perpetrator's obliteration of his victim's identity along with his attempt at concealment of the corpse and sexual gratification following ligature strangulation of a young unidentified female from a minority Indian state. Sexual bondage was evident with characteristic body tying in a typical posture to fuel the killer's sexual arousal and gra…
  • Pestilence, riots, lynchings and desecration of corpses. The sleep of reason produces monsters. [Historical Article]
    Infez Med 2016; 24(2):163-71Sabbatani S, Fiorino S
  • Vampirism has been a component of Central European and Balkan folklore since the Middle Ages and was often believed to be responsible for the transmission of serious infectious diseases such as plague and tuberculosis/consumption. Vampirism was believed to be spread within the same family or village and if the rite of the so-called second burial after death was not performed. The practice of "sec…
  • Cannibalism. [Journal Article]
    Omega (Westport) 2015; 70(4):428-35Lester D, White J, Giordano B
  • A dataset of 73 variables was complied on 345 serial killers, 31 of whom who engaged in cannibalism. A distinction was made between those who engaged only in cannibalism, those who engaged in necrophilia, and those who engaged in both or neither. Those who engaged in both cannibalism and necrophilia were the most psychiatrically disturbed and deviant, but those who engaged in only cannibalism wer…
  • Digital and divergent: sexual behaviors on the Internet. [Review]
    J Am Acad Psychiatry Law 2014; 42(4):495-503Klein CA
  • A variety of sexual behaviors occur online, including those that are highly unusual or even plainly illicit. There is a growing body of literature pertaining to sexual abuse of minors that occurs or may be promoted online, but there is a paucity of information regarding other Internet-based sexual interactions, such as manufacturing, dissemination, and online viewing of other atypical sexual mate…
  • Lights, camera and action: learning necrophilia in a psychiatry movie club. [Journal Article]
    J Forensic Leg Med 2013; 20(3):139-42Kalra GS
  • Kissed (1996) is a serious film that portrays the disturbing and taboo issue of necrophilia in a delicate and viewer friendly way. Being a rare paraphilia, it may sometimes be difficult to get necrophilia related literature or even understand this complex behavior. An interested person may have to rely on the few case reports from forensic journals or law books in order to understand what and how…
  • A case report of necrophilia--a psychopathological view. [Case Reports]
    J Forensic Leg Med 2011; 18(6):280-4Boureghda SS, Retz W, … Rösler M
  • This paper presents the case of a 40-year-old German man who was convicted for disturbing the dead. He performed heterosexual necrophilic acts over the course of two decades. The most recent case was well documented by the necrophiliac himself by means of photography and video. His actions ranged from visiting cemeteries to dissecting bodies and taking the body parts home with him for sexual purp…
  • A new classification of zoophilia. [Journal Article]
    J Forensic Leg Med 2011; 18(2):73-8Aggrawal A
  • Zoophilia is a paraphilia whereby the perpetrator gets sexual pleasure in having sex with animals. Most jurisdictions and nations have laws against this practice. Zoophilia exists in many variations, and some authors have attempted to classify zoophilia previously. However unanimity does not exist among various classifications. In addition, sexual contact between humans and animals has been given…
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