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25,207 results
  • Single-cell RNA-seq analysis of Mesp1-induced skeletal myogenic development. [Journal Article]
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2019Penaloza JS, Pappas MP, … Chan SSK
  • The Mesp1 lineage contributes to cardiac, hematopoietic and skeletal myogenic development. Interestingly, muscle stem cells residing in craniofacial skeletal muscles primarily arise from Mesp1+ progenitors, but those in trunk and limb skeletal muscles do not. To gain insights into the difference between the head and trunk/limb muscle developmental processes, we studied Mesp1+ skeletal myogenic de…
  • [Development and growth of the vault of the skull]. [Journal Article]
    Neurochirurgie 2019Catala M, Khonsari RH, … Arnaud E
  • The vault of the skull is a region of the neurocranium formed by a process of membranous ossification. It consists of several bones: frontal bone, parietal bone, squamous part of the temporal bone, lamina ascendens of the sphenoid, and interparietal bone. The embryological origin of the bones of the skull vault is still the subject of controversy. This can be explained by the different animal mod…
  • Active morphogenesis of epithelial monolayers. [Journal Article]
    Phys Rev E 2019; 100(2-1):022413Morris RG, Rao M
  • During typical early-stage embryo development, single-cell-thick tissues of tightly bound epithelial cells autonomously generate profound changes in their shape, forming the basis of organism anatomy. We report on a (covariant) active-hydrodynamic theory of such monolayer morphogenesis that is closed under its shape-changing dynamics-i.e., the degrees of freedom that encode monolayer geometry app…
  • Fog signaling has diverse roles in epithelial morphogenesis in insects. [Journal Article]
    Elife 2019; 8Benton MA, Frey N, … Roth S
  • The Drosophila Fog pathway represents one of the best-understood signaling cascades controlling epithelial morphogenesis. During gastrulation, Fog induces apical cell constrictions that drive the invagination of mesoderm and posterior gut primordia. The cellular mechanisms underlying primordia internalization vary greatly among insects and recent work has suggested that Fog signaling is specific …
  • Brown adipocytes from induced pluripotent stem cells-how far have we come? [Review]
    Ann N Y Acad Sci 2019Brown AC
  • A global increase in the number of individuals who are either overweight or obese is leading to a higher incidence of type 2 diabetes (T2D). Behavioral interventions for the treatment of obesity have yet to deliver desired outcomes, thus introducing a pressing need for molecular- and cellular-based therapies. Excess energy from food is stored in the form of triglycerides in white adipose tissue, …
  • Développement et croissance de la base du crâne. [Journal Article]
    Neurochirurgie 2019Catala M
  • The skull base is a part of the neuro-cranium formed by endochondral ossification. The embryological origin of the skull base is not perfectly known, but there seems to be an anterior region derived from the neural crest and a posterior part derived from the mesoderm. Further studies are needed to define reliable presumptive maps. The origin of the different components of the occipital bone is ju…
  • Cell ratcheting through the Sbf RabGEF directs force balancing and stepped apical constriction. [Journal Article]
    J Cell Biol 2019Miao H, Vanderleest TE, … Blankenship JT
  • During Drosophila melanogaster gastrulation, the invagination of the prospective mesoderm is driven by the pulsed constriction of apical surfaces. Here, we address the mechanisms by which the irreversibility of pulsed events is achieved while also permitting uniform epithelial behaviors to emerge. We use MSD-based analyses to identify contractile steps and find that when a trafficking pathway ini…
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