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57 results
  • Criminal Responsibility and Neuroscience: No Revolution Yet. [Review]
    Front Psychol 2019; 10:1406Bigenwald A, Chambon V
  • Since the 1990's, neurolaw is on the rise. At the heart of heated debates lies the recurrent theme of a neuro-revolution of criminal responsibility. However, caution should be observed: the alleged foundations of criminal responsibility (amongst which free will) are often inaccurate and the relative imperviousness of its real foundations to scientific facts often underestimated. Neuroscientific f…
    Georgian Med News 2019; (289):162-168Balynska O, Blahuta R, … Kharaberiush I
  • The purpose of the article is to consider comprehensively the phenomenon of the neurolaw, assessing it as a product of bioethics and behaviorism, a likely separate branch of law or the institution of medical law, as well as to analyze the feasibility of its introduction in the national justice system or refusal from it as a way of avoiding the responsibility of criminals. In general, the neurolaw…
  • Neuroscience, criminal responsibility and sentencing in an islamic country: Iran. [Journal Article]
    J Law Biosci 2018; 5(3):724-742Alimardani A
  • The implications of neuroscience in the legal context have been considered in many countries; however, there has been very little (if any) research on the use of neuroscience in criminal law in Iran. Furthermore, because Iran's legal system incorporates Islamic rules, the legal implications of neuroscience might be fundamentally different from those of other countries. Accordingly, this paper wil…
  • Neuroimaging and Neurolaw: Drawing the Future of Aging. [Review]
    Front Endocrinol (Lausanne) 2019; 10:217Tigano V, Cascini GL, … Sabatini U
  • Human brain-aging is a complex, multidimensional phenomenon. Knowledge of the numerous aspects that revolve around it is therefore essential if not only the medical issues, but also the social, psychological, and legal issues related to this phenomenon are to be managed correctly. In the coming decades, it will be necessary to find solutions to the management of the progressive aging of the popul…
  • Neurolaw and Neuroethics. [Journal Article]
    Camb Q Healthc Ethics 2018; 27(4):590-598Chandler JA
  • This short article proposes a conceptual structure for "neurolaw," modeled loosely on the bipartite division of the sister field of neuroethics by Adina Roskies into the "ethics of neuroscience" and the "neuroscience of ethics." As normative fields addressing the implications of scientific discoveries and expanding technological capacities affecting the brain, "neurolaw" and neuroethics have foll…
  • Mild traumatic brain injury: Is DTI ready for the courtroom? [Review]
    Int J Law Psychiatry 2018 Nov - Dec; 61:50-63Shenton ME, Price BH, … Edersheim JG
  • Important advances in neuroscience and neuroimaging have revolutionized our understanding of the human brain. Many of these advances provide new evidence regarding compensable injuries that have been used to support changes in legal policy. For example, we now know that regions of the brain involved in decision making continue to develop into the mid-20s, and this information weighs heavily in de…
  • Neuroimaging in criminal trials and the role of psychiatrists expert witnesses: A case study. [Journal Article]
    Int J Law Psychiatry 2019 Jul - Aug; 65:101359Gkotsi GM, Gasser J, Moulin V
  • Various neuroscientific techniques are increasingly being used in criminal courts causing a vivid debate on the way that this kind of techniques will and should be used as scientific evidence. The role of experts in this context is important, since it is them that analyse, present, interpret and communicate the results of these techniques to the judges and the jury. In an attempt to contribute to…
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