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25,133 results
  • Forefoot disorders and conservative treatment. [Review]
    Yeungnam Univ J Med 2019; 36(2):92-98Park CH, Chang MC
  • Forefoot disorders are often seen in clinical practice. Forefoot deformity and pain can deteriorate gait function and decrease quality of life. This review presents common forefoot disorders and conservative treatment using an insole or orthosis. Metatarsalgia is a painful foot condition affecting the metatarsal (MT) region of the foot. A MT pad, MT bar, or forefoot cushion can be used to allevia…
  • Relocation Nerve Grafting: A Technique for Management of Symptomatic Digital Neuromas. [Case Reports]
    J Hand Microsurg 2019; 11(Suppl 1):S50-S52Freniere BB, Wenzinger E, … Eberlin KR
  • Digital neuromas are a common problem following amputation, often severely impairing hand function. Surgical treatment of terminal digital nerve neuroma is challenging because of the lack of surrounding soft tissue in the hand. To help tackle this problem, we describe a novel technique, "relocation nerve grafting," to relocate the nerve ends into the interosseous muscles at the midcarpal level.
  • Oral neural tumors: Clinicopathologic analysis of 157 cases and review of the literature. [Journal Article]
    J Clin Exp Dent 2019; 11(8):e721-e731Tamiolakis P, Chrysomali E, … Nikitakis NG
  • CONCLUSIONS: This study confirmed the rarity of ONTs. Their clinical characteristics mimic other oral lesions; thus, microscopic examination is the only mean to arrive at a definitive diagnosis. Key words:Oral neural tumors; oral neural neoplasms; neurofibroma; oral neurofibroma; schwannoma; oral schwannoma; neurilemmoma; oral neurilemmoma; granular cell tumor; oral granular cell tumor; traumatic neuroma; oral traumatic neuroma; palisaded encapsulated neuroma; oral palisaded encapsulated neuroma.
  • Rapid-stretch injury to peripheral nerves: implications from an animal model. [Journal Article]
    J Neurosurg 2019; :1-11Mahan MA, Warner WS, … Light A
  • CONCLUSIONS: The 3 biomechanical grades of rapid-stretch nerve injuries displayed consistent and distinct behavioral and histopathological outcomes. Stretch within elastic limits resembled neurapraxic injuries, whereas injuries beyond elastic limits demonstrated axonotmesis coupled with impoverished regeneration and recovery. Rupture injuries uniquely failed to regenerate, despite physical continuity of the nerve. This is the first experimental evidence to correlate stretch severity with functional and histological outcomes. Future studies should focus on the pathophysiological mechanisms that reduce regenerative capacity after stretch injury.
  • The Diagnosis and Management of Neurofibromatosis Type 1. [Review]
    Med Clin North Am 2019; 103(6):1035-1054Ly KI, Blakeley JO
  • Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1), NF2, and schwannomatosis are related, but distinct, tumor suppressor syndromes characterized by a predilection for tumors in the central and peripheral nervous systems. NF1 is one of the most common autosomal dominant conditions of the nervous system. NF1 has a high degree of variability in clinical presentation, which may include multiple neoplasms as well as cuta…
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