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49,062 results
  • A Proposed Treatment Approach to Treat Lethal Mutating Cancers. [Journal Article]
    Pharm Res 2020; 37(3):54Roe K
  • A proposed treatment using dual-peptide ligand masks, that are functional extensions to existing analogous mammalian immune system structures, to bind to cancer cell surface proteins and stop mutating cancers that could evade presently used engineered immune cell therapies. One treatment injects the dual-peptide ligand masks into the blood stream of patients, and another treatment injects the dua…
  • A key role for IL-13 signaling via the type 2 IL-4 receptor in experimental atopic dermatitis. [Journal Article]
    Sci Immunol 2020; 5(44)Bitton A, Avlas S, … Munitz A
  • IL-13 and IL-4 are potent mediators of type 2-associated inflammation such as those found in atopic dermatitis (AD). IL-4 shares overlapping biological functions with IL-13, a finding that is mainly explained by their ability to signal via the type 2 IL-4 receptor (R), which is composed of IL-4Rα in association with IL-13Rα1. Nonetheless, the role of the type 2 IL-4R in AD remains to be clearly d…
  • Hadronization and Charm-Hadron Ratios in Heavy-Ion Collisions. [Journal Article]
    Phys Rev Lett 2020; 124(4):042301He M, Rapp R
  • Understanding the hadronization of the quark-gluon plasma (QGP) remains a challenging problem in the study of strong-interaction matter as produced in ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions (URHICs). The large mass of heavy quarks renders them excellent tracers of the color neutralization process of the QGP when they convert into various heavy-flavor (HF) hadrons. We develop a 4-momentum conservi…
  • Mechanisms of endogenous HIV-1 reactivation by endocervical epithelial cells. [Journal Article]
    J Virol 2020Gornalusse GG, Valdez R, … Hladik F
  • Pharmacological HIV-1 reactivation to reverse latent infection has been extensively studied. However, HIV-1 reactivation also occurs naturally, as evidenced by occasional low-level viremia ("blips") during antiretroviral treatment (ART). Clarifying where blips originate from and how they happen could provide clues to stimulate latency reversal more effectively and safely, or to prevent viral rebo…
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