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16,976 results
  • A dynamic link between H/ACA snoRNP components and cytoplasmic stress granules. [Journal Article]
    Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Cell Res 2019; :118529Belli V, Matrone N, … Furia M
  • Many cell stressors block protein translation, inducing formation of cytoplasmic aggregates. These aggregates, named stress granules (SGs), are composed by translationally stalled ribonucleoproteins and their assembly strongly contributes to cell survival. Composition and dynamics of SGs are thus important starting points for identifying critical factors of the stress response. In the present stu…
  • Ovarian and follicular variables used to determine ewes with different FecGE genotypes. [Journal Article]
    Anim Reprod Sci 2019; 208:106117Chaves MS, Luz VB, … Lemos Oliveira MA
  • Based on ovarian and follicular variables, there was determination of ewes with different FecGE genotypes. Based on the FecGE genotype, 65 Santa Inês ewes were assigned to three experimental groups: homozygous wild-type (n = 25; FecG+/+), mutant heterozygous (n = 27; FecG+/E) and mutant homozygous (n = 13; FecGE/E). The ewe's ovaries were weighed and measured, then the follicles (oocyte, nucleus …
  • The cell nucleus. A study in Burgundy. [Journal Article]
    Nucleus 2019; 10(1):213-217Demidov O, Aksenova V, … Arnaoutov A
  • Wilhelm Bernhard's revolutionary microscopy techniques helped him put forward the hypothesis of specialized compartmentalization of the nucleus. He also described for the first time the nuclear bodies and peri-chromatin fibrils, and demonstrated that these granules contain an RNA component. The tradition of biennial workshops, named after this great scientist, continues, and this year it took pla…
  • Controlling the material properties and rRNA processing function of the nucleolus using light. [Journal Article]
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2019Zhu L, Richardson TM, … Brangwynne CP
  • The nucleolus is a prominent nuclear condensate that plays a central role in ribosome biogenesis by facilitating the transcription and processing of nascent ribosomal RNA (rRNA). A number of studies have highlighted the active viscoelastic nature of the nucleolus, whose material properties and phase behavior are a consequence of underlying molecular interactions. However, the ways in which the ma…
  • [Features of the Structure and Expression of NPM and NCL Genes in Cutaneous Melanoma]. [Journal Article]
    Mol Biol (Mosk) 2019 Jul-Aug; 53(4):663-673Ponkratova DA, Lushnikova AA
  • Malignant cutaneous melanoma (CM) is an extremely aggressive cancer characterized by a high level of metastatic activity and unfavorable prognosis due to a high incidence of relapses, as well as resistance to standard chemotherapy. Cutaneous melanoma accounts for 80% of deaths from malignant skin tumors. Nucleolin/C23 and nucleophosmin/B23, which constitute altogether ~70% of the nucleolus volume…
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