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18 results
  • Mesiolingual Canal Prevalence in Maxillary First Molars assessed through Different Methods. [Journal Article]
    J Contemp Dent Pract 2018; 19(8):959-963Zurawski AL, Lambert P, … Barletta FB
  • CONCLUSIONS: The visual method in the fourth canal search has limitations, whereas the composite magnifying glass, the clinical surgical microscopy, and the computerized microtomography are efficient methods for locating the fourth canal in the upper first molars.The anatomical complexity of the first maxillary molars is one of the factors that leads to high failure rates in the endodontic treatments of this group of teeth. In most clinical situations, the mesiolingual canal goes unnoticed by professionals, since conventional radiographs do not always allow the visualization of all root canals. Determining an effective method for locating the mesiolingual canal is of paramount importance to the success of endodontic treatment.
  • An in vitro Evaluation of Fracture Resistance of endodontically treated Teeth with Different Restorative Materials. [Journal Article]
    J Contemp Dent Pract 2016; 17(7):549-52Sangwan B, Rishi R, … Talukdar P
  • CONCLUSIONS: The present study concludes that composites are found to be having more fracture resistance followed by silver amalgam on endodontically treated premolar teeth.Restoring nonvital teeth represents a major challenge for clinicians as they are extensively damaged due to caries and endodontic access preparations. With various restorative materials in the market, it becomes difficult for the clinician to choose the better restorative material for postendodontic restoration.
  • Importance of the concept of inner organs-dental relations in dentistry. [Randomized Controlled Trial]
    Georgian Med News 2009; (177):19-23Abasova I, Rustamova P, Seidbekov O
  • The current article is presenting an effective treatment scheme, providing reliable positive result of therapy and prophylaxis of dental diseases and its complications on the patients through the study of pathology of meridian - inner organs - dental system, bound by system of traces - meridians, using Doppler ultrasonography, rheovasography, photoplethysmography, Electroacupuncture, ultrasound i…
  • Prosthodontic treatment planning: current practice, principles, and techniques. [Journal Article]
    J Calif Dent Assoc 2003; 31(4):311-4Yanase RT
  • In this series of articles, the faculty of the University of Southern California New Odontic Seminar have taken the 25 years of documented treatment of sample patient "A.K." and used it as a foundation on which to base discussion of the concepts and technology that have developed in prosthodontic treatment planning. Each of the contributing authors was asked, "What are your thoughts retrospective…
  • [An epidemiological study of the prevalence and clinical aspects of oral mucosal lesions in adults]. [Journal Article]
    Rev Med Chir Soc Med Nat Iasi 1999 Jul-Dec; 103(3-4):181-5Bârleanu L, Enea M, Soghior L
  • The frequency of the different lesions of oral mucosa detected in the patients presenting for outpatient dental care was 37.6%. Cheilitis, lesions in various areas of oral mucosa, and glossitis were prevalent. Generalized stomatitis accounted for only 3.7%. Except for few cases with stomatitis and glossitis, the clinical aspect of these lesions was benign, fact explaining why the patients have no…
  • Osteomyelitis of the skull base with atypical onset and evolution. [Case Reports]
    Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol 2000; 109(3):326-30Magliulo G, Varacalli S, Ciofalo A
  • Skull base osteomyelitis arises as a complication of malignant external otitis, but it can be also due to middle ear and/or mastoid infection. Other causes can be infections of the paranasal sinuses or of the mandible or maxilla due to odontic caries. Generally, osteomyelitis involves elderly patients affected by diabetic immunodeficiency or microvascular disease. In this paper, we present 3 new …
  • [Tooth pastes and oral hygiene in the Roman world]. [Historical Article]
    Med Secoli 1995; 7(2):351-65Lentini R
  • The trial against Apuleius frames historically and socially the subject of oral hygiene, which hides behind the semiotic paradigm full of magic, superstition, and all of the roman cultural background which stems from the ancient greek tradition. After reading carefull the latin odontic prescription written by Scribonius Largus, Celsus, Plinius, Marcellus etc., we don't want to stop at a precise l…
  • [Flurbiprofen in oral surgery]. [Randomized Controlled Trial]
    Minerva Stomatol 1992; 41(3):97-103Amato R, Marcelli B, … Vergnani M
  • Odontic surgery necessitates the very frequent use of additional auxiliary therapy to improve the post-operative symptoms. In fact the injured tissues respond to such surgical operations generally with an infiltrative-type process which is manifested predominantly by pain, pyrexia, oedema and in the more serious cases with total functional incapacity. The therapy for such symptomatology usually c…
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