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21 results
    J Zoo Wildl Med 2015; 46(4):938-40Selig M, Lewandowski A, … Ball RL
  • Umbilical disorders, including omphalophlebitis, omphaloarteritis, external umbilical abscesses, urachal abscesses, patent urachus, and umbilical hernias, represent a significant challenge to the health and well-being of a neonate. The three neonatal giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) in this report were evaluated for umbilical swellings. Two developed omphalophlebitis, and one had an uncomplicated…
  • Quantification of antimicrobial usage in dairy cows and preweaned calves in Argentina. [Journal Article]
    Prev Vet Med 2015; 122(3):273-9González Pereyra V, Pol M, … Herrero A
  • Antimicrobials are commonly used to treat diseases in dairy cows and in calves. In Argentina information about veterinary antimicrobial usage at herd level is still limited. The purpose of this study was to quantify antimicrobial usage at herd level of most used drugs to treat lactating cows (LC) and preweaned calves (PWC). Prevalence of diseases and antimicrobial drug usage in 18 milking herds a…
  • Salmonella Newport omphaloarteritis in a stranded killer whale (Orcinus orca) neonate. [Case Reports]
    J Wildl Dis 2010; 46(4):1300-4Colegrove KM, St Leger JA, … Gaydos JK
  • Salmonella enterica serovar Newport (Salmonella Newport) was isolated from multiple tissues in a neonate killer whale (Orcinus orca) that stranded dead in 2005 along the central coast of California, USA. Necrotizing omphaloarteritis and omphalophlebitis was observed on histologic examination suggesting umbilical infection was the route of entry. Genetic analysis of skin samples indicated that the…
  • Rib osteomyelitis in three foals. [Case Reports]
    Aust Vet J 2010; 88(3):96-100Neil KM, Charman RE, Vasey JR
  • Three foals aged between 21 and 44 days were presented for evaluation of pyrexia and lameness. Each had subcutaneous abscessation associated with osteomyelitis of a rib at the costochondral junction and pathological fracture of the affected rib; one foal had more than one rib affected. Other localised sites of infection included other sites of osteomyelitis, omphalophlebitis, uveitis, enterocolit…
  • Septicemia in a neonatal calf associated with Chromobacterium violaceum. [Case Reports]
    Vet Pathol 2009; 46(1):71-4Ajithdoss DK, Porter BF, … Edwards JF
  • Chromobacterium violaceum infections are highly fatal and rarely reported in domestic animals. This report describes a fatal case of C. violaceum septicemia in a 7-day-old female beef calf. The calf had necrosuppurative omphalophlebitis, necrotizing interstitial pneumonia, necrosuppurative hepatitis and splenitis, anterior uveitis with hypopyon, suppurative polyarthritis, and disseminated hemorrh…
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