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367 results
  • The hominid ilium is shaped by a synapomorphic growth mechanism that is unique within primates. [Journal Article]
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2019; 116(28):13915-13920Zirkle D, Lovejoy CO
  • The human ilium is significantly shorter and broader than those of all other primates. In addition, it exhibits an anterior inferior iliac spine (AIIS) that emerges via a secondary center of ossification, which is unique to hominids (i.e., all taxa related to the human clade following their phyletic separation from the African apes). Here, we track the ontogeny of human and other primate ossa cox…
  • The computed tomographybased anatomy of the ossa cuneiformia. [Journal Article]
    Orthop Rev (Pavia) 2019; 11(2):7876Claaβen L, Venjakob E, … Ettinger S
  • There is a lack of basic anatomic information regarding the ossa cuneiformia. The aim of the present descriptive study was the detailed evaluation of the anatomy of the ossa cuneiformia. We analyzed 100 computer tomography scans of feet without deformities or previous trauma. The length, height and width of each cuneiforme and their articular surfaces were assessed. We itemized the data to gender…
  • Interfibril hydrogen bonding improves the strain-rate response of natural armour. [Journal Article]
    J R Soc Interface 2019; 16(150):20180775Arola D, Ghods S, … Ossa EA
  • Fish scales are laminated composites that consist of plies of unidirectional collagen fibrils with twisted-plywood stacking arrangement. Owing to their composition, the toughness of scales is dependent on the intermolecular bonding within and between the collagen fibrils. Adjusting the extent of this bonding with an appropriate stimulus has implications for the design of next-generation bioinspir…
  • Tunable Plasma-Based Energy Dechirper. [Journal Article]
    Phys Rev Lett 2019; 122(3):034801D'Arcy R, Wesch S, … Osterhoff J
  • A tunable plasma-based energy dechirper has been developed at FLASHForward to remove the correlated energy spread of a 681 MeV electron bunch. Through the interaction of the bunch with wakefields excited in plasma the projected energy spread was reduced from a FWHM of 1.31% to 0.33% without reducing the stability of the incoming beam. The experimental results for variable plasma density are in go…
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