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170 results
  • Clinical and radiological results of the vascularized medial femoral condyle graft for scaphoid non-union. [Journal Article]
    Arch Orthop Trauma Surg. 2020 Jun; 140(6):835-842.Keller M, Kastenberger T, … Arora R
  • CONCLUSIONS: The vascularized medial femoral bone graft leads to a good functional outcome in the treatment of scaphoid non-unions. The graft provides adequate blood supply and structural stability to the scaphoid. A proximal pole destruction can be replaced using an osteochondral graft with promising short-term results preventing carpal osteoarthritis and collapse.
  • Bone Augmentation Techniques for Horizontal and Vertical Alveolar Ridge Deficiency in Oral Implantology. [Review]
    Oral Maxillofac Surg Clin North Am. 2019 May; 31(2):163-191.Tolstunov L, Hamrick JFE, … Rachmiel A
  • Bone deficiency is the major obstacle in implant dentistry. Guided bone regeneration (GBR) with particulate bone and barrier membranes has been the primary surgical technique used to regenerate alveolar bone for dental implant therapy. This procedure has been used in implant dentistry for more than 30 years and continues to be developed and refined for more predictable surgical outcomes. This art…
  • Detailed Anatomy of Osteoperiosteal Ligamentous Structures in the Forehead. [Journal Article]
    J Craniofac Surg. 2018 Mar; 29(2):518-522.Choi JP, Kang HG, … Kim IB
  • This study aimed to present the anatomic characteristics of osteoperiosteal ligamentous attachments of the forehead and provide a better understanding of lateral eyebrow descent for safe and effective foreheadplasty. Anatomic dissections of the face were performed in 10 fresh Korean adult cadavers (20 hemifaces) using 2.5× magnification surgical loupes. Supraorbital, inferomedial orbital, and fro…
  • Compound or Specially Designed Flaps in the Lower Extremities. [Review]
    Clin Plast Surg. 2017 Apr; 44(2):287-297.Battiston B, Ciclamini D, Tang JB
  • Novel and combined tissue transfers from the lower extremity provide new tools to combat soft tissue defects of the hand, foot, and ankle, or fracture nonunion. Flaps can be designed for special purposes, such as providing a gliding bed for a grafted or repaired tendon or for thumb or finger reconstruction. Propeller flaps can cover soft tissue defects of the leg and foot. In repairing severe bon…
  • Vascularized Small-Bone Transfers for Fracture Nonunion and Bony Defects. [Case Reports]
    Clin Plast Surg. 2017 Apr; 44(2):267-285.Deng AD, Innocenti M, … Tang JB
  • Vascularized small-bone grafting is an efficient and often necessary surgical approach for nonunion or necrosis of several bones in particular sites of the body, including scaphoid, lunate, distal ulna, and clavicle. The medial femoral condyle is an excellent graft source that can be used in treating scaphoid, ulna, clavicle, or lower-extremity bone defects, including nonunion. Vascularized bone …
  • Primary Wrist Hemiarthroplasty for Irreparable Distal Radius Fracture in the Independent Elderly. [Journal Article]
    J Wrist Surg. 2015 Aug; 4(3):156-63.Herzberg G, Burnier M, … Izem Y
  • Background Volar plating for acute distal radius fractures (DRF) in the elderly has been recommended. Some studies have suggested that open reduction with internal fixation (ORIF) in this situation results in frequent complications. Our purposes were to provide a definition of irreparable DRF in independent elderly patients and to review the results of a preliminary retrospective series of wrist …
  • Complex bone augmentation in alveolar ridge defects. [Review]
    Oral Maxillofac Surg Clin North Am. 2015 May; 27(2):227-44.Herford AS, Nguyen K
  • The current gold standard for bone grafting is autogenous bone, due to its biocompatibility, lack of antigenicity, osteoconductive, and osteoinducive properties. Radiography using cone-beam computed tomography for complex defects is useful in determining the amount of bone available and what bone augmentation technique will be needed. Many options for treatment of alveolar ridge defects are avail…
  • Ovine model for critical-size tibial segmental defects. [Journal Article]
    Comp Med. 2014 Oct; 64(5):377-85.Christou C, Oliver RA, … Walsh WR
  • A segmental tibial defect model in a large animal can provide a basis for testing materials and techniques for use in nonunions and severe trauma. This study reports the rationale behind establishing such a model and its design and conclusions. After ethics approval of the study, aged ewes (older than 5 y; n = 12) were enrolled. A 5-cm mid diaphyseal osteoperiosteal defect was made in the left ti…
  • Isolated dislocation of the posterior tibial tendon in an amateur snowboarder: a case report. [Case Reports]
    J Foot Ankle Surg. 2014 Mar-Apr; 53(2):203-7.Gambardella GV, Donegan R, Caminear DS
  • Isolated dislocation of the posterior tibial tendon is an uncommon pathologic entity that typically occurs in the setting of acute trauma. The diagnosis remains challenging and is often delayed second to the rarity of the injury and symptoms similar to that of medial ankle sprains and other routinely diagnosed injuries about the ankle. The factors that predispose this tendon to dislocation includ…
  • New way to reconstruct severe injuries to the lower extremity. [Case Reports]
    J Plast Surg Hand Surg. 2014 Jun; 48(3):216-8.Fekete A, Gáspár S, Szűcs A
  • The combined use of an avascular cadaver bone graft, and a reverse flow fibular osteoperiosteal and soleus muscle flap is a reliable option for the reconstruction of severe injury to the lower extremity because of the segmental blood supply from the fibular artery.
  • Role of tricalcium phosphate implant in bridging the large osteoperiosteal gaps in rabbits. [Journal Article]
    Indian J Exp Biol. 2013 May; 51(5):375-80.Goel SC, Singh D, … Sharma N
  • Treatment options for large osteoperiosteal defects are limited and that which are available are not ideal. Osteoperiosteal defect were created in ulnae of both forelimbs of rabbits and tricalcium phosphate implant was used to bridge the gap. Amongst the 35 implanted ulnae, one implant got dislodged. Rest of the implants showed good adherence to host bone until the final follow up. Five control r…
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