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4 results
  • Morphogens Reveal the Appearance and Functions of lncRNAs. [Letter]
    Stem Cells Dev 2015; 24(13):1591-3Anastassova-Kristeva M
  • During the first meiotic division, the entire genetic information from DNA is transcribed into mRNPs and stored in the ovoplasm in the form of mRNP particles. The 39 human nuclear HOX proteins bind to thousands of mRNAs transcribed repeatedly by lampbrush chromosomes. HOX proteins suppress processing and translation. The RNP particles containing lncRNAs+HOX proteins are the morphogens ("transcrip…
  • Stem cells in light of a new concept for cell differentiation. [Editorial]
    Stem Cells Dev 2008; 17(5):849-52Kristeva MA
  • My concept of cell differentiation involves genetic information from DNA being transcribed into mRNA proteins-morphogenes (mRNAs+ homeodomain proteins)-and stored in the ovoplasm as maternal inheritance, or cytoplasmic genetic memory. Feedback mechanism(s) allow these morphogenes to selectively unlock new genes, regulating the development of the embryo. The blastomeres and the embryonic pluripote…
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